Monthly Archives: September 2012

6 Ways To Keep Going When Your Goal Seems Out Of Reach

You wonder if it wouldn’t be easier to give up your big idea and go back to your old life. One where your knees don’t hurt, you don’t care that your novel’s characters aren’t doing anything interesting, and you can afford to go out for dinner and a movie.

How do you keep going when your goal seems as far off as another universe? Continue reading

How To Change Your Life Via Surprise

Expecting change to enter through the front door, we are just narrowing our focus, and forgetting to look on the periphery. And should we seek for change that improves us, we are better off realizing that it is pertaining surprise- something new, unfamiliar, unexpected by far. Continue reading

7 Awesome Things You Can Do for Building Social-Confidence and Social-Leadership

The good thing is, if you do feel tired, exhausted or have raised levels of anxiousness in social interactions, there are ways to overcome this. However, to be clear there is no magic pill that makes you feel more confident in social situations (and I’m talking healthy substances, not drugs or alcohol!). Continue reading

The Myth of Passion

At first it’s commonly defined as a love you have for something ; something you kind of do during your free time.

But today, passion goes beyond that.

With all the buzz on lifestyle design and people living the seemingly perfect life, passion has become the gateway to freedom; the ability to design and create the lifestyle you wanted. Continue reading

How To Create Your Own Formula For Success

Do you have a saying or ‘mantra’ that you use to guide some of the more important decisions in your life? If you do, then you’re not alone, you have something in common with some of the top achievers in the world. Continue reading

Could Productivity Be Taking Over Your Life?

Now that you’ve been bitten by the productivity bug, it’s hard to stop. You remember how great it felt to finally have that sense of achievement – to know that your life was going somewhere. You think that if only you could be just a bit more productive, things would be even better. Continue reading