The Myth of Passion

Passion has somehow become a funny thing.

At first it’s commonly defined as a love you have for something ; something you kind of do during your free time.

But today, passion goes beyond that.

With all the buzz on lifestyle design and people living the seemingly perfect life, passion has become the gateway to freedom; the ability to design and create the lifestyle you wanted.

My definition of passion

Passion to me is the fire that burns inside of you. It’s a love for something so great that it makes everything in life feel right and meaningful, so much so it gives you a sense of identity.

And then, nothing else matters.

I’ve been a Bboy (breakdancer) for about 10 years now. I also love to write and am currently growing a passion for blogging, especially when it comes to its business aspects.

I’m new to blogging, just as I was once new to Bboying.

I’m a normal guy, but I can confidently say I’ve done loads with my life thanks to passion.

And I think people today have a great misconception of what passion is.

3 stark myths of passion

You have to be extremely good at it.

How often is it today that you hear of this or that inspiring guy who created a business out of passion or does what he loves everyday?

It’s easy to think that that person is really good at what he does.

The absolute best right?

Not really.

Passion isn’t a competition where you got to indulge in it, keep getting better and then show off to people how great you are.

I’ve been a Bboy for so long, but you know what? I’m not the best. I don’t win competitions all the time and neither can you find awesome videos of me on YouTube.

But I still love it. It gives me identity in this complex world. I practise often and just enjoy it for myself.

Passion is a feeling. Like love, when it comes to you, you enjoy it and let it flow. It is this feeling that is all you need.

It has to be acceptable in the eyes of others

Some people think that passion needs to be acceptable, that it must meet the expectations of others or you may come across as crazy. It also has to be acceptable for the possible future of making it a living out of it.

Again, no.

Passion can be anything you want. As long as you attain that special feeling which makes everything alright in life, it’s absolutely okay. Nothing else matters then.

This is the starting point of where ever you want to take this passion, be it creating a business or designing your lifestyle.

So where’d you take it?

It will make you money

As inspiring as it is to hear of people making a full-time income from what they love, the truth is, it’s not guaranteed that passion can make money for you.

Do you think people would want to pay you if your passion is say, sitting in front of the TV eating chips?


There is a veritable gap which your passion needs to cross to enter the world where rules of life and society apply.

And this gap requires a lot of effort and creative thinking to cross, if you want it to at all.

The fact of passion

Passion is simply you.

It’s your choice to start finding one and holding on to it.

It can and will give you that special feeling and elevate you to greatness. With a little effort, you can easily find one.

And it’s something you’ll never forget in life.

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