How To Change Your Life Via Surprise

Changing your life requires the factor change right? And it is often nice knowing the change and expecting the results before hand, be in relationships, places, habits for the most part. But the surprise factor beats conformity by a huge margin, now doesn’t it?

Expecting change to enter through the front door, we are just narrowing our focus, and forgetting to look on the periphery. And should we seek for change that improves us, we are better off realizing that it is pertaining surprise- something new, unfamiliar, unexpected by far.

The power of surprise in changing your life

We all say we love surprises. BS. We hate them. Granted, we love the ones appearing gradually, preparing us; we love the sweet surprises, where everything is going according to plan, in the linear pattern of conformity, only slightly rearranged. But the moment something out of the comfort zone emerges, it’s all a blur afterwards.

And realizing that what is hard to bear now, may in turn be something really remarkable, there is a chance we can see surprises as something more appealing after all. You see, seeking for the WHY and the opportunity in every new thing around the corner, we may as well discover something.

Surprises may take credit in changing your life for the better only if looked retrospectively. Connecting the dots now really does seem like something impossible to do. But after a while, when things take some direction in which to develop, it all makes sense.

For the less dogmatic, it’s a no-brainer really. Things happen, we react to them, what comes on the other end is a blessing. However, there are some that are tightly holding the grip on conformity, not letting it go even for an instance.

Opening for the change by letting be surprised

There are many people I know dreading change. To rearrange things, be that in habits, or anything else, is a thing they are terrible at. Worse yet, they are no better at how they react on change inflicted upon them; on surprises, in short.

And realizing that being open for surprises, allowing them to happen, is rather a good thing, everything changes.

Granted, they may not turn to result for the better, but still. Change happens not only in results and outcome. The finality isn’t the way we see it. It’s rather way further than the unilateral image.

We change, learn, even improve, from things that are not necessary to stick. Sometimes even the passing surprises open us for a myriad of opportunities. They may even reshape a segment of our persona, who knows.

Not letting be surprised equals wanting to stay the same. Or even to reflect change, but only according to present belief systems. And if I’m to choose between circumstances opening new and broader views, and a linear, less dynamic approach towards change, I would say that the first has a lot more going on for me. It forms as good a place to start as any when wanting to learn something new about your capabilities, your opportunities, other options.

Changing your life by reacting rather than acting

Allowing change as a pertaining part of surprises, we are also changing in the way in which we conduct actions. We are no longer acting constantly, but rather reacting more and more. Things happen – we react to them, with them. It’s similar to Taoism in its purest form. The philosophical school of thought, that is.

And reacting rather than constantly acting, we may as well find new opportunities. Embracing the change and growing alongside with it, the most natural outcome is adapting to it, thus savoring the most out of what is given.

Playing by the rules of what happens, not necessarily has to mean defeat, neither does have to mean compliance. It can, rather, mean growth. In any way imaginable, that is.

Being open for change, more often than not in the sense of extrovert resemblance and mainly of a sudden appearance (read surprise), we are, in fact, letting opportunities happen, rather than be artificially created. And who are we to argue what’s better, if we never had the chance to experience, and judge afterwards… This way, we are letting the biased outlook, for the most part.

Reacting rather than constantly acting implies that, to a certain extent, our understanding of things is not as narrow as it was the day before. It’s rather broader, in the sense of being able to see pass what’s dictated by things we commonly care about, and see a vision of ourselves quite larger than what we are used to.

It’s seeing us for what may we become if left to explore, as opposed to what we are and what we will be like if we stay on only one linear course.


Slavko Desik is writer and editor at Lifestyle Updated, a blog about improving one’s lifestyle and enjoying life full time. He also writes about subjects closely connected with self-improvement and personal growth.

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