Monthly Archives: April 2011

Four Steps To Tap Into The Power Of Fear

If you’re afraid of being hurt or taken advantage of in a relationship, if you’re terrified to leave your dead-end job or if you simply try to keep yourself busy to avoid worry about money and other day to day things…

It’s official. Fear is taking over your life and you’re letting it happen. Continue reading

Daydream Your Way to a Better Life

Put your DreamBoard where you’ll see it often. Invest a few minutes of your other 8 hours every day to look at it. Think about what the pictures represent and visualize living it. Then get out there and make it happen! Continue reading

Receiving Insights From the Universe

I went outside to my little rope swing to do some quick meditating, and within minutes, received an answer!

You could imagine my surprise. It’s almost as though I had opened a portal into a realm which contained all of the information I could ever need. ‘I’ve got to share this.’ I thought. And so here I am doing that very thing. Continue reading

The 8 Steps of Goal Setting

For many it became a great source of motivation to see their goals in writing and to be able to see how their actions today were moving them towards their goals.

For me, it had the opposite effect, not that they didn’t motivate me, but I realized that the things I was doing weren’t moving me towards my goals. Continue reading

5 Life Changing Ideas from Happiness Research

Happiness research may not provide the secret to achieving happiness but they can suggest ways in which we can potentially increase it. The conclusions are often based on the “average person” so the ideas may not work for everyone. Continue reading

Why Do We Suffer From Low Self-Esteem?

Stories like these from our clients go on forever. We’ve literally heard thousands of them. It seems as if no one really escapes.

Escapes what? … Having a low sense of self-esteem, a negative sense of oneself, a little voice in one’s head that is constantly critical of oneself. Continue reading