Receiving Insights From the Universe

The first time I meditated, I was very happy. I felt incredibly relaxed afterwards, and experienced freedom from my thoughts in a real way for the very first time. I thought, ‘Wow, I’m really on to something here.’ Of course, I had no idea what was in store yet, or how true my statement really was!

As I got more and more into meditation, I started receiving insights and connecting with an energy that I wasn’t familiar with. These strange insights appeared to come out of nowhere, and though I couldn’t identify their source, they just felt so very right.

It was so strange that I had to explore it farther. I decided to see if I could ask this source questions about my life. I remember forming a question about my website regarding how to increase traffic. I went outside to my little rope swing to do some quick meditating, and within minutes, received an answer!

You could imagine my surprise. It’s almost as though I had opened a portal into a realm which contained all of the information I could ever need. ‘I’ve got to share this.’ I thought. And so here I am doing that very thing.

Opening the Portal Through Stillness

The key to achieving a state in which you can receive these insights is to reach a place of stillness. And by stillness, I mean a place free from constant, repetitive thinking and distraction. The best way to achieve such a state is through meditation, but first we’re going to form a question that we want answered.

It really doesn’t have to be anything spectacular. Just a simple question you have with a little substance. So while it doesn’t have to be, ‘How do I save the world?î it also probably shouldn’t be ‘How do I steal Becky’s boyfriend?’ Anything in between those two extremes should work. 😉

Once you have your question, put it in the back of your mind. The trick is to not consciously focus on it, as that’s going to disturb your stillness. You simply want to be aware of it, like your subconscious is working on it as you’re relaxing. Now it’s time to meditate.

Find a nice, quiet spot and clear your mind. I find it works best to focus on my breathing, while observing my thoughts but not becoming attached to them. Keep your question in the back of your mind and let everything else go.

As time goes on, you should find yourself becoming more and more aligned with the present moment. Your mind will start to feel expansive, and you’ll feel very much at peace. This is your natural state of being underneath the gunk of conditioning, so enjoy it! This is also the state you’ll want to be in to receive your insight. It should come at this point, or even before.

If it doesn’t, consider asking a different question or getting a bit more adjusted to meditation – it will come!

What You Wanted and What You Got

One final note about the insight itself. You may realize when you receive your message that it isn’t quite what you expected. This depends a lot on where you fall on the levels of consciousness scale. If you’re usually in a low vibrational state, and you actually did ask how to steal Becky’s boyfriend, your answer may simply have been an intuitive feeling that you aren’t on the right path.

The higher the energy content of your question is, the more likely you’ll be able to receive a real answer. Most lower energy questions will simply turn up blank, as they aren’t in line with what the universe wants as a conscious entity. If that’s happening to you, try using a meditation session to form your question, and another one to receive an answer, as that will yield higher energy questions and results.

That’s all on this subject. Now, get out there and start communicating with the universe!

Fred Tracy runs a personal development website where he shares his insights and quirky stories. He is practical, yet eclectic, borrowing ideas from psychology, spirituality, and common sense, among many other sources. All of this information is distilled into articles with the sole purpose of this: teaching you, the reader, to live consciously and achieve the life of your dreams.

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