Monthly Archives: January 2011

How to Get Your Confidence Back

Getting confidence is one thing, getting your confidence back is a substantially different one. You see, people who’ve always lacked confidence in a certain area aren’t familiar with the emotion and they have a hard time grasping the associated behavior. Continue reading

Day 60: Do You Make These 6 Mistakes When Asking Questions?

The good news is, everyone can learn to ask better questions. It only takes practice and a slight change in perspective. Asking clear questions can help you become the confident person you’ve always wanted to be. Continue reading

The 4 Positive Price Points of Leadership

As leaders of a family, a business, or an organisation, we are responsible for setting the tone and for creating the environment that will encourage others to grow and mature.

There is only one true way that we can do this, and that is to remain in a constant positive state. Continue reading

Day 61: What Is The ROI Of Being You?

How much are you worth? Who gets incredible value from being a part of your life? How much does it cost for you to keep them in yours?
These might sound like harsh questions, but why treat a business plan better than you treat your life? Continue reading

Day 62: Stop Taking Yourself So Seriously (It’s Making You Miserable!)

All those hours wasted – just like your life.

Imagine you had lived life like you wanted, without worrying so much about what you had to do, who you had to impress, or what trinkets you needed to collect. Imagine if you actually enjoyed your life? Continue reading

Day 63: How to Make People Love You When You’re Not Around – Be A VIP!

Be positive (or at least entertaining). Nobody wants to be around someone who is always miserable. Be cheerful, or at least be entertaining or interesting, and people can’t help but think highly of you.

There is no set of instructions to make ALL people love you, of course. But adopting some of these ideas into your relationships could improve not just the lives of others, but your life as well. Continue reading