Monthly Archives: December 2010

Upgrade Your Personal ‘Exit Strategies’ for 2011

But have you ever thought about your own personal exit strategies – the ones you use for giving up on your own personal projects, hopes and dreams?

In most books about personal change and growth we are often told that our reasons for pressing ahead with our projects must be more important than our reasons for quitting. Continue reading

7 Best Ways To Gain Confidence in 2011

Confidence is a characteristic that allows us to take risks in our lives. It is often through risk, we achieve great success in many aspects of our lives. It makes sense, therefore, to try to develop our own self-confidence as best we can in order to be successful and happy. Continue reading

10 Tips for Developing Resilience

Resilience is very often the factor which leads some people to overcome immense obstacles to become successful. Look at many well known, successful and wealthy people with humble or even deprived beginnings and you will see resilience in action. Continue reading

5 Smart Nutrition Tips To Deal With Holiday Excess

I’m all for eating, I’m definitely all for a few extra glasses of red at this time of year, and I most certainly won’t say no to a bit of merriment, but if there’s one thing I can’t stand it’s knowing I’ve undone (or at least feel as though I have) a year’s hard work in just a few short weeks of vacation. Continue reading

3 Ways to Boost Productivity at a Creative Job

Productivity counts, no matter what kind of job you have; no employer is going to be happy with someone who lags behind and is a slacker. However, it’s easier to be more productive at some jobs than others – jobs that have repetitive tasks and do not require too much concentration or brain work can be done at optimal speeds if not for boredom which usually butts its ugly head in Continue reading

Reduce Your Spending or Increase Your Income: What Should You Do?

If you know you’re wasting money on things which you don’t need and which don’t really bring you any pleasure, then by all means cut down your spending. But if you feel there’s no slack left in your budget, start looking at ways to increase your income too. Continue reading