3 Ways to Boost Productivity at a Creative Job

Productivity counts, no matter what kind of job you have; no employer is going to be happy with someone who lags behind and is a slacker. However, it’s easier to be more productive at some jobs than others – jobs that have repetitive tasks and do not require too much concentration or brain work can be done at optimal speeds if not for boredom which usually butts its ugly head in; productivity can be boosted at jobs that require skill with concentration, interest and undivided attention; but for jobs that require creativity, how do you boost productivity? If your creative muse dries up and inspiration remains elusive, how do you force yourself to be productive? How do you boost productivity when you’re an artist, a writer, a designer, or in any similar profession?

  • Do the most when the mood strikes: There are some days when your creativity soars, and that’s when you must strike. Make the most of these hours and days and get the most done in this time. This way, you make up for days when you’re unable to work because your creativity seems to have taken a hiatus and nothing you do seems to be successful in bringing it back.
  • Set a routine and stick to it: Creativity does not conform to routine, but there are times when it’s best to set a schedule and try to get some work done. You’re most definitely working against a deadline, so even if you get just little done in the scheduled time, it’s worth it. Also, you avoid wasting time and blaming your lack of creativity – sometimes all you need to do is get to your workspace and attempt to do your job in order to tempt creativity to come back and stay with you.
  • Do what it takes to get into the mood: If you need peace and quiet, seek out a calm environment in which to work; if you work well with soft music playing in the background, outfit your workspace with a good music system; in short, do all that it takes to put you in the creative mood. It’s very easy to blame your lack of inspiration for failing to do your job; however, more often than not, it is the failure to apply yourself.

After all, even the great scientist Albert Einstein believed that “genius” was 99 percent perspiration and only 1 percent inspiration; so work hard at your creativity, and watch your productivity grow by leaps and bounds.


This guest post is contributed by Abby Nelson, she writes on the topic of Masters in Counseling . She welcomes your comments at her email id: abby.85nelson<@>gmail<.>com.

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