Monthly Archives: August 2010

Distinguishing Between Price and Value

Yes, it’s always going to be a subjective judgment, and sometimes you’ll get it wrong. But by recognizing that there’s a difference between the fixed price and the value that you’ll derive, you give yourself a much higher chance of getting it right. Continue reading

Why People Pleasers Get Hit By Trains

In this article I’m going to introduce several ‘truths’ about the mindset that leads to people pleasing, the repercussions, and what you can do about it to keep yourself ‘on track’ Continue reading

7 Steps to Calm Your Racing Thoughts

When you’re worried about something, your thoughts start chasing each other round your head and don’t let up. You run the same scenarios through over and over, as if practicing them would make them turn out right. Continue reading


How To Make Friends Easy

I believe we all want fulfilling relationships with other people. Which is why most of us have the desire to be very smooth socially and to make friends easy. However, there are few people who are naturally this way. Continue reading

Happy Marriage

5 Steps to a Happy Marriage

With these five steps I think you might be able to make your marriage happy for at least 4 years. I will let you know how it goes on year 5. Now it’s your turn. What five steps would you give me? Continue reading


5 Ways Timers Can Help You Be More Productive

Do you feel as though your work, studying or chores always end up taking too long? Do you feel as though you could be more effective if only you could stay on task?

Maybe you’re convinced it’s a question of will power, or organization, or motivation. The solution, though, might be very simple. Continue reading