Happy Marriage

5 Steps to a Happy Marriage

Today I thought I would take some time out and share some of the wisdom I have acquired after 4 happy years of marriage with my wife. After some careful consideration I realized that a blank page would not be an interesting post to read at all. It would be just too confusing. So what I do have for you to read today is 5 steps that I think could possibly help you not be as confused as I am written from my vast knowledge in the sanctity of marriage with my extensive 4 years of experience.

Now before we dig deeper into these steps I would first like to disclose that the steps discussed here so far have worked for me. They were also written from a man’s perspective. Please use any of them at your own risk.

Step 1: Compliment your partner aggressively.

I tell my wife she is gorgeous everyday and that I am lucky to be with her. When she answers the phone I greet her by saying “Is this the woman I have been dreaming about?” When she dresses up and looks amazing I act like a fool that can’t control myself. Say things like, I refuse to let you go anywhere without me looking that good or I think I just fell in love all over again and other things I refuse to share because there might be children present.

Step 2: Make contact.

I intentionally get in my wife’s way to the point where she has to physically move me. It lets her know that I want her attention and also that I would do anything to be around her. I hold her hand while I am driving. I push her into puddles when it is raining. I slip my hands in her back pockets and take out money. This usually results in some type of pain on my part but I do anything to make her make contact with me.

Step 3: Play games.

I don’t ever want to play Family Feud Home Edition ever again. My wife and I play this game and she DESTROY’S me mercifully every time we play. I think the last score was 777 to 25. It was embarrassing. I even the odds when we played Madden though. Take that. This keeps our competitive edge and also allows us to be playful even going as far as smack talk. If she mentions the feud at our family reunion though, you might see blood.

Step 4: Get a DVR.

I do not know how my wife can watch some of the crap that comes on TV. I refuse to spend hours of my day watching (the show she likes) or (the other show she likes). I can just see the brain cells dying as she watches that mess. So instead of forcing myself to spend time with her watching mindless TV shows we DVR them and hang out together. Now in her defense I also have to DVR Man vs. Wild every week. Bear is just awesome.

Step 5: Remind them why they love you.

We go back down memory lane often. We talk about the good ole days when I used to buy flowers and plan elaborate dates. I tell her about how when she went out of town for two weeks I thought I would die when we were in high school. Now I tell her about the celebration of freedom I would have with two weeks off. No, but reminiscing about the challenges you guys have gone through together is like cement. Focus on the good days not the bad.

With these five steps I think you might be able to make your marriage happy for at least 4 years. I will let you know how it goes on year 5.  Now it’s your turn. What five steps would you give me?

Frank Jennings is a freelance writer and the founder of A Spark Starts –  ‘All it takes is one spark to start a fire that can change your life!’

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