What Role Memory Plays In Personal Development

If you’re like most people, you probably have an average memory or worse.. a horrible one. But how is this affecting you? More importantly how is it affecting your development as a human being?

Let me tell you a story, I used to be stuck. Stuck hard. I would read and listen to all of these tapes and courses and still not apply it. I thought there was something wrong with ME. Why can I not apply what I have learned? Then it hit me, I don’t remember 25% of the stuff I try to apply! When I do apply something I have to keep what ever it is directly in front of me getting frustrated because I have to phase back between change and whatever the process I am trying to learn!

How ridiculous, I don’t blame my old self for not applying things. It was 80% harder then it should be, read and then do. Not read, read, try to do, forget, re-read, re-read, try to do, get further but forget, re-read steps, etc.. Do you see how that can get a little frustrating?

What You Remember Becomes You

I remember I was trying to apply some principles from “How to Win Friends and Influence People” by Dale Carnegie and felt good about it when reading but totally forgot the techniques in real life situations. Then I tried some memorization techniques which I will show you in a moment and it became blatantly obvious when I needed to apply the techniques.

Our memory works by stimulus and response. When there is something stimulating the response, it is easy to apply, but for something to even do that YOU NEED TO REMEMBER! After that, applying is almost effortless and second nature. There is still work but it is a hell of a lot less!

How To Remember

Say we read an article “5 ways to make people like you” normally you would forget it in a few days, but with the techniques I am about to show you, you won’t forget it and that article could change your life. Because it will always be in the back of your head influencing every decision you make. That’s great, but how do we remember?

We remember by making a mental movie of the things we read. I will list each principle then give an image of what it means to me. For you it will be different, pick your own unique images please!

1.) Smile! For me, this is a girl smiling. Note: for each image say the meaning a few times while seeing the image. For “a girl smiling” say “smile” a few times while seeing the picture.

2.) Be enthusiastic. This is a thumbs up.

3.) Have passions. For me, this is a passion fruit drink.

4.) Listen. Donkey ears.

5.) Learn to love. A heart.

After this, it is as simple as making a picture of it! A smiling girl, wearing a heart shirt, with donkey ears, holding a passion drink, giving a thumbs up. Notice how there is a lot of words to describe a simple image?

Now go through it and say the five tips, it doesn’t matter if you get them in order, all that matters is that they are there! Recall this a few times a day, that day, and it will soon be part of your outlook in life!

About the author: Brandon Dean is a memory enthusiast and a student of the School of Phenomenal Memory. He enjoys helping people from all walks of life and his mission is to be the best person he can be.

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