Three Keys to Manifesting the Life of Your Dreams

I’m not trying to dismiss all the books, courses, movies, and professionals out there who claim they can teach you how to turn your life around and attract the love, the wealth, the success, or the happiness that you long for. Some of their methods may be effective, and their fundamental premises are generally sound. Like them, I am a firm believer that our destiny is in our own hands, and that we each have the power to co-create a life of fulfillment and meaning, no matter where we’ve come from. But I also know that this is not a quick-fix problem that can be solved by some magical secret.

Based on my study of numerous approaches, I believe that there are three essential elements that need to be included for effective manifestation. The reason many “law of attraction” teachings and techniques fall short of changing people’s lives in sustainable and measurable ways is that they fail to embrace all three elements. I am convinced that all three of these factors need to be addressed in order for each of us to live a more fulfilling life.

1. Digging Deep

Teachings on manifestation sometimes fail to dig deep enough into the subconscious roots of our current patterns of creation. If we don’t effectively unearth the hidden beliefs, habits, and behavior patterns that may be blocking our ability to co-create, including the cultural programming we’ve absorbed from the world around us, we’ll constantly be working against ourselves. You can’t transform what you can’t see. And just as the subconscious mind can be the source of our biggest obstacles, it’s also the source of our greatest creative power. Simply encouraging people to “think more positive thoughts” only engages the conscious mind. To become an effective creator, we need to find ways to imprint new patterns and desires into the subconscious mind. In this book, I will guide you into a new and empowered relationship with what lies beneath the surface of your everyday awareness.

2. Getting Specific and Practical

Human beings are creatures of habit, and the well-worn paths that our lives follow are habits we have developed throughout our lifetimes. Habits don’t change overnight. Very few of us can just decide that we’re going to change something and then sustain a new behavior without looking back. It takes time and patience to change longstanding habits. And it takes practice. Many manifestation teachings don’t include specific practices to help embed the new habits of thought into the subconscious mind. In the chapters that follow, I’ll be helping you create a personalized tool for transmitting your desires deep into your subconscious and out into the Universe, calibrating the vibrations to the perfect frequency for success.

3. Connecting to Purpose

The most important element to creating the life you want is to connect your individual dreams and desires to the greater good of the world in which you live. You are not creating your life in isolation. You are co-creating it with the Universe. Yes, you can have the life you want and fulfill all of your personal longings, but if it’s all about you, ultimately you’ll find that its power to deliver deep fulfillment will be limited. When we hear words like “manifestation,” “attraction,” and “creation,” we often associate them with getting. But the real power of the law of attraction is found when we shift our attention from getting to giving. Generosity, love, and service are not afterthoughts— things you think you’ll have time, money, and energy for once you get what you want. The energy of compassion is what drives a truly co-creative engagement with the Universe. This book will teach you a method of manifestation that integrates the element of giving from the very beginning.

With these three essential keys in place, you truly can co-create the life of your dreams. Are you ready to get to work? Because it will take work. If you’re ready to experience lasting fulfillment in a world where the odds seem to be stacked against it, you’ll need to dig deep to understand why your dreams seem to elude you. You’ll need to study how the Universe works and learn how to make it work for you. You’ll need to rethink your definitions of what happiness is and root out the unhealthy vibrations of fear and subconscious cultural programming that may be blocking your creative energy. You’ll need to become more sensitive to the vibrations of your own thoughts, feelings, and intentions and those of the people in your sphere. And above all, you’ll need to be committed, not just to your own happiness or success, but to the greater good of the world around you. Because if there’s a “secret” that can change your life, it’s this: we’re all connected—from the smallest living being to the farthest star in the cosmos. Of course, that may be the oldest secret there is. But it remains a secret in that many of us live our entire lives without discovering its true transformative power. As you’ll learn in this book, you can use this secret to manifest the life of your dreams, but it will also change what the life of your dreams means to you.

I’ve always been a straight shooter, and I won’t promise you anything that I haven’t tried and proven in my own life. I won’t ask you to do anything I don’t ask of myself. I won’t tell you it will be easy—because it won’t. I will tell you, however, that anything is possible. You truly can manifest the life you long for, and the tools in this book will help you do that.

Mike Murphy is bestselling author, speaker, coach and consultant committed to helping people around the world manifest their deepest dreams. He is also the author and creator of the The Creation Frequency, a project that distills the best lessons he’s learned, over 30-years of trial and error, into an easy-to-use online course and book.


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