The Power of an Infrared Sauna

Years ago, I co-created a show on Youtube called The Wellness Experiment for my old company LEAFtv. In each episode we would try out a new, and sometimes controversial, (hello V-steams!) wellness treatments. I remember, vividly, one of my favorite episodes, by far, was the cold plunge followed by an infrared sauna, episode. In fact, of all the varying practices we tried out, the way I felt after this treatment stuck out as the most impactful – my body just felt different. More alive? energetic? I’m not sure what, but I just felt good. 

Despite promises to myself to keep up with this practice, as life does, I let other things get in the way – plus the cost was pretty high for each session, and so the dream of having this practice as a regular part of my wellness routine faded into the background. It was only after a friend of mine, who was going through Chemotherapy, talked about using an infrared sauna as part of her recovery treatment, and how valuable she was finding it, that my curiosity was peaked once more. The difference this time around is that my friend had an at-home infrared sauna built at her house. That wasn’t in my budget but I began to look around. Enter: Sun Home Saunas. 

Sun Home Saunas was put on my radar via my blog (this one, the one you’re reading right now!) and it felt like an answer to my search. Sun Home Saunas have created an infrared sauna BLANKET, that is portable and potent. It has the same benefits as an actual infrared sauna structure, but it is more convenient and best of all, more affordable. They sent me one to try and I couldn’t have been more excited. When it arrived it was just as simple as promised – all one piece, you simply need a flat surface (I used the top of my bed – my husband laid out on the floor with a pillow under his head, and the blanket). I started with 20 minutes and then after a couple of sessions graduated up to 30 minutes. I tried going to 40 but started to get fidgety so I knew I had found my comfort zone at 30. My husband, now consistently does 45 minutes. Despite the heat, I found it so relaxing. Gradually, you get to a point where the sweat is REAL but it is so gradual it didn’t feel panic inducing, but actually kind of calming. When done, I simply wiped down the interior of the blanket with a damp, water and vinegar, cloth. Easy.

Due to my schedule, I do a session once a week – I try to do every monday, post work out, to start my week off with a nod to wellness and I have been super happy with the results. (My husband uses it 3-4 times/week post work out). There are so many benefits to this infrared sauna blanket – here are just a few: natural detoxification, natural production of happy chemicals – dopamine, oxytocin, serotonin, yeehaw!!, total stress relief while passively burning calories, reduction of joint pain and muscle soreness – great post workout, all while boosting immunity support. That’s a lot of benefit for something that requires you to just lie there and chill (or heat?). But by far one of the most noticeable benefits is how incredible my skin looks – tighter, glowier, and just generally more radiant. 

I am thrilled with the results, so much so, that I asked Sun Home Saunas if they could provide a discount code to my PTB audience and they happily agreed. So if you are interested to try this amazing, inventive new product, now you can add the Promo code: PTB50 for a $50 discount if you purchase a blanket.

Get yours today and i would love to hear about your experience – comment below and let’s get the conversation started! Also you can follow my Infrared Sauna blanket journey for play by play of how I use it over on instagram!


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