The 7 Best Blog Posts on Acceptance

Acceptance is key, it unlocks the denial, fear and negativity of a circumstance or challenge we may face by opening the door for us to face it head on. In other words, acceptance is about ‘getting real’. So often we feel stuck in the mire of stress, powerless to control outcomes, acceptance is a practice that will genuinely affect our ability to make lasting change. Many people find the word ‘acceptance’ to signify weakness by linking it to passivity. Real acceptance is quite the opposite, it is about discovering the clarity to know and face our complexities and challenges, which is more so a sign of strength. Here are 7 blogs that help define what self-acceptance means:

1.Surmising that life is unpredictable and change is bound to happen, resistance to it seems ineffectual. Acceptance therefore, is the power we give ourselves to move through challenges peacefully. This blog helps to illuminate these views.

2.Erin Olivo concentrates on how one can diffuse and rid themselves from the dangers of stress. There is not much one can do to change pain, but the suffering that generally comes along with it, that is within out control. She writes: “Acceptance is an attitude, not an action.”

3.Rose Caiola gives us 8 ways to begin your journey toward self-acceptance, they are at first seem somewhat elementary, however, they’re incredibly effective in their simplicity. Breaking down what it really means to accept yourself is the very first step in living a fully realized life…and why wait for this reality!

4.“The only empowering choice is to accept.” This blog elevates the notion of what it means to have expectations and frustrations of ourselves and others. It reads as a strong reminder of the value in our close relationships and the questions one would want to pose to themselves in these times of frustration.

5.Darlene Lancer’s blog covers a lot of ground, from stages of denial to facing facts and control, it is this thought that best sums up what it is to acknowledge painful truths: “(Acceptance of a situation) prepares us to be effective agents of change. New options present themselves as our focus shifts from changing the impossible to changing what we can.”

6.This blog focuses on the work of professor Steven Hayes, and his acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT). He posits that the fundamental idea we posses about unhappiness being abnormal, is counter with the thought that it is in fact suffering and struggle that are normal. The issue lies with the not dealing with them, hence, the lack of acceptance. This is a great perspective to put into practice.

7.Kris Carr is a cancer thriver and celebrated author, her advice throughout her blog conveys such authenticity it is difficult not to take away some of her hard earned optimism. With clear steps on how to live in the present and allow the healing to begin by accepting what is, her opinions form a very relatable read.

Cultivating a shift in one’s mind set is what is needed for true acceptance. This shift must move from criticism and negativity to acknowledgment and responsibility. Even if that shift doesn’t inspiring, it is important to remember that the pain underneath acceptance is not meant to disappear, only the suffering itself may lessen. Those things for which we can accept, we can effectively let go of as well, a freedom to move past life’s greatest challenges.

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Larissa Gomes is a breast cancer survivor and single mom to her spirited baby boy! Originally from Toronto turned Angeleno, she has worked in roles from writer, actor and producer for well over a decade. In that time, she’s developed concepts, film and television screenplays, short stories, along with freelance articles, blogging and editing work.


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