Staying Motivated in a Remote World

The world is going digital, and organizations are experiencing what some now call “The Great Reshuffle.” Beyond being the newest buzz phrase in the working ecosystem, it is a phrase that refers to how technology is affecting the way employers and employees react to the world around them. Initially, most employees served as traditional workers, having to come into the office every day for work. But. technology has made it possible for the existence of remote workers, hybrid workers and digital nomads, all of whom have changed the way employment is viewed.

Since 2020, over 54% of LinkedIn users have changed their job descriptions. Employees worldwide are taking the chance to change their working conditions, opting for remote work instead. This has made employers make provisions for remote work and employ strategies to improve their talent pool and provide conducive working conditions for their employees.

Employees are beginning to have a say in how they want to work, who they want to work for, and when they want to work. Employers are taking the necessary steps to keep up with these changes. They are doing this by making sure that they bring the gig economy in-house.

However, it might be hard to remain motivated when you are not present as a remote worker in a traditional working environment. However, there are several things you can do to ensure that you don’t lose sight of your goals. 

1. Finding the Right Gig

Working remotely is more than just working from your home. One thing that could drain motivation quickly is doing jobs that aren’t right for you. We already know that not all traditional jobs are the same; this also applies to remote jobs.

If you have ever worked remotely, you know it is always essential to pick gigs you can handle. One way of quickly becoming unmotivated is by taking on jobs outside of your skillset. Even though it is necessary to challenge yourself, not going beyond your limits is also important.

When applying for a remote job, specify your skills in your cover letter and resume. Before deciding on which remote startups to work for, you also need to research the organization to find out if there are any special skills you need to have to work with them. These things will play a significant role in how well you can function in your position.

2. Never Stop Learning

As human beings, we never stop learning and absorbing new information to help us. As a remote worker, you must expose yourself to learning resources and tools. Learning ensures that you can retain information and access it easily when needed. You will also remain at the top of your field. It helps increase the likelihood that you are hardly ever surprised by tasks. Learning is one of the best ways to maintain job security and place you in a position to attain higher levels.

Acquiring new skills is a method that is guaranteed to give you higher bargaining power when vying for promotions and rewards.

Apart from serving as an incentive for promotions, learning is essential because, as a remote worker interested in traveling, you might often be exposed to new cultures. Learning, including cross-cultural training methods, helps you handle these changes easily.

It would be difficult for an organization to grow if the employees present aren’t putting in the necessary work to improve their selves. It is crucial to work in an environment where learning is a priority.

3. Stay Up-to-Date on Tech for Organization

Maintaining a connection with the outside world through technology is essential for any remote worker. New technology and software are being developed every day, and it is crucial to stay up to speed with the latest innovations related to your field.

Organization is crucial when it comes to working remotely, and not just for productivity! Being organized does wonders for your mental health, as knowing where everything is and how to access it can keep anxiety at bay. This is why organizational agility can even apply to remote workers, especially when you’re working for an organization that is concerned about its processes and workflows.

4. Be Prepared for the Unexpected

Running into unexpected challenges is a part of any working environment — traditional or remote. It is necessary to prepare yourself mentally and physically for any challenges that might come up by embracing an air of prepared optimism rather than pessimistic fatality.

Some unexpected finances could come up for remote workers and digital nomads who travel around a lot. Many of them are unaware of the cost of taxes when living abroad. This is why research is essential.

Researching to inform yourself of any potential risks you could encounter in your line of work could be discouraging at first, especially for remote workers and digital nomads. However, it would be best if you took the time to study these risks and their effects, and create contingency plans to prepare yourself for them reasonably. Pessimistic fatality does more harm than good when trying to determine hazards. For a remote worker, planning ahead of unforeseen crises is the best way to stay on top of your game.

5. Challenge Yourself

Often, it would help if you had a little challenge to get yourself ready to work. If, for example, you can complete a portion of a project in an hour, you can try to beat that next time. Setting limits and little challenges for yourself will often give you a goal.

Sometimes, you even discover new things about yourself. You can find out what kind of conditions are more conducive for you when you give yourself goals. Learning about yourself and responding to different situations will help you organize your work schedule successfully.

Setting time limits for yourself also equips you with the ability to use your time wisely and efficiently.

In the End

Remote working is slowly taking over, and it is to be expected that the next few years will see an influx of workers into the gig economy. In the long term, acquiring skills that will help you while hunting for remote jobs is crucial if you are to find a job suited to your needs. In the meantime, we don’t see the gig economy going anywhere anytime soon.

Angela Ash is a writer and editor who likes to place a focus on motivation, growth, mental health and business tips. When not writing, she can be found playing the piano and planning her next big vacation.


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