Why Selfishness Is A MUST For Happiness

‘No matter what you decide to do or where you decide to go, the main thing is that you are happy doing so.’

Pursue Your Passion

Pursue Your Passion

My mother Patricia used to regularly relay this message to me and my brothers from a young age, and still does from time to time if she feels we need reminding of it. It has stuck with me, and it’s something I try to keep in mind.

I have found myself exploring the idea of happiness having always been interested in personal development and growth- what exactly does it mean to be happy, and how do we arrive there.

I believe that happiness is a choice- a state of mind- and we are faced with a decision at the beginning of each new day.

‘How do I feel?’

For some it may not be so straightforward, for a number of possible reasons.

Maybe you are not entirely content with the direction in which you are going, or you may find that you are on the wrong path. I always try to look at certain aspects of my life in which I have control over such as my health, my relationships, and my profession.


‘Mens sana in corpore sano’

‘A healthy mind in a healthy body’

We all know of that endorphin rush that we get after a workout- exercise makes us feel good! Get active, and embrace healthy habits.


In each of our relationships- family, friends and romantic interests- the people with whom we spend the most time have a huge impact on our mindset and attitude. Choose wisely the people with whom you invest your time in.


How you view your profession is crucial. Is it merely a job you endure just to pay the bills, or is it something more- a calling, a passion.

Are you happy in your profession? Do you have a dream or a passion that you are hesitating to pursue? Don’t be afraid to take that first step.

There are certainly things that you can do in order to bring yourself closer to happiness and fulfillment, and it involves having to be a little selfish in your thoughts and actions. This involves looking inward, and asking yourself what it is that makes you happy; what are you passionate about, what do you want to do with your life and where do you want to be.

Perhaps some steps can be taken towards eliminating sources of negative energy. If something makes you unhappy, then it makes perfect sense to stop doing that thing, right?

Well it’s not that straightforward a lot of the time; maybe we feel pressure to live up to other people’s expectations, or we find ourselves trying to please other people. It takes courage to look within and take action- that being said- know that you do have the capability within to change your situation, if you want to.

You become a product of your atmosphere and the people in which you keep company with. If you feel that something or someone is holding you back, cut loose! You should take action to put yourself in an environment where you can flourish and develop, and you have the power to do just that! It’s in your hands.

You simply have to be selfish; think about yourself first and foremost, that is the most important thing. Once you take care of your own happiness and well-being, you will attract all the right people and the right opportunities will present themselves.

There undoubtedly exists such a thing as a necessary selfishness; thinking about yourself in this way not only contributes towards your own happiness but it also affects the happiness of those closest to you.

Focusing on yourself and your own happiness- this is a truly selfless act.

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