How To Live In This Moment

Look around you. Do you see that? This is where you are right now. Look in the mirror. See that face? That’s you, my friend. So, this is what you’ve got – right here, right now – yourself and this very moment.

Don’t panic. You aren’t stuck here. You can still get to where you want to go in life – without waiting for the perfect time and without worrying about all the ‘what ifs.’ You just need to find the strength to do so. (Notice I said “find.” You have the strength, you just may not know where you put it.)

In the meantime, maybe these 4 tips will help…

  1. Living in the moment does not mean you aren’t growing. With society always telling us we need to go further in our career or be something or someone better than who we are, we often spend our days dreaming of the future. If only I could… or If only I had… or If only ___ would… See, “if only” doesn’t help you move forward. In fact, it halts you in the moment and stunts your growth. After all, you cannot focus on the present if you are stuck trying to dream up a fictitious future. Be present, be in your moment, and absorb all that you can.
  2. Mantras or personal affirmations work. Remember years ago, when it was rumored that records or cartoons had subliminal messages that made kids do crazy things? Why not create your own message to yourself? Find something positive that you can repeat to yourself several times a day. Make it something that will bring you back when your mind starts to wonder and something that can remind you to live in the moment. Then, tape it to your mirror, your steering wheel, or write it in permanent marker on your hand – wherever you will see it and remember to repeat it. Then believe it!
  3. Slow down. You heard me. Apply the brakes and back away from the driver’s seat. The simple idea of slowing down is hard for those who cannot live in the present. Rushing from point A to point B, in and out of appointments and meetings, social engagement after social engagement, then home to cook, clean, do laundry… all on about 5 hours or less of sleep because, face it – you need more hours in a day! No, no, and NO! This is not the way to live life. If you want to find yourself happy and settled in the future, then you need to slow yourself down now.
  • Take on less work.
  • Prioritize social engagements – and then pick only one to attend.
  • Spend at least five minutes with yourself each day (in solitude).
  • Remind yourself what is important – and what can wait.
  • Sleep at least eight hours every night.
  • Force yourself to physically move slower.
  1. Give attention to the insignificant things. Sometimes we overlook the trivial things in life that make our day. It is not that we are ungrateful, we just may not realize their importance. For instance – a toilet, coffee, transportation, a hot meal, your favorite song, etc. These are all things that make our life a little more enjoyable and without them, well, we maybe wouldn’t be so… pleasant.

Acknowledge these things by writing them down, physically seeing all the perks you have this very moment in life. Sure, it may not be that house on the beach you always dreamed of when you were younger – but you have a roof over your head which means you are one step further than a lot of people! Keeping a journal of these things can help you focus your attention on the present, as well as become more appreciative of where you are in your life’s journey.

If you keep traveling ahead in your current manner, you won’t even know that you reached your future once you reach it! Your eyes will be so focused on the next thing. Start now and learn to enjoy life in the moment – this moment.


Michelle Blan is a freelance writer and avid blogger determined to motivate even those lost in their darkest moments. There is always a way out…I can show you. Check out my blog at or follow me on Twitter @ShellBlan


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