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So Proud To Introduce You To LEAF

Hi Guys,

Today, I am so proud to introduce you to my newest venture, with partner in crime Geri Hirsch: LEAFtv

It’s taken 3 years and a lot of blood, sweat and tears, but I can finally announce that LEAF has launched.

What is LEAF, you hopefully ask?

Designed to inform and inspire, LEAF is comprised of hundreds of cool how-to videos covering all things Living, Eating & Fashion. From the basics: How To Chop an Onion or How to Sew a Button, to healthy lessons on: beginner yoga & green juices, LEAF.tv was built for creative, curious minds, regardless of skill level, who are short on time but are passionate about being the best version of themselves they can be.

In short, LEAF was built for YOU.

Each 30 -90 second video (think: the beauty of Pinterest meets the brevity of Twitter) is carefully crafted and a complete lesson unto itself or can be combined with other videos to create an entire experience.

So after 3 years of tirelessly working to create an innovative destination that people everywhere can call home, I am proud to invite you to the world of LEAF – and while you’re there I hope you are informed, entertained & inspired! (and if you like it…please share!)

As always, thanks for your time and energy.

Be well,



The Juices: Leaf Green from LEAFtv on Vimeo.


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