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The Seven Stages Of Failing At Self Improvement

Self Improvement is a lot like riding a horse (or a bike). Sometimes you go too fast and you fall off. Or you go too slowly and you fall off. And you might do everything right, and still fall off. … Continue reading

Four Steps To Tap Into The Power Of Fear

Fear is something you probably avoid at all costs. If you’re nervous in elevators, you might take the stairs. If you’re afraid of heights, you probably wouldn’t go on a skiing vacation. And if you’re scared of the ocean, the … Continue reading

If You’ve Never Failed, You’ve Never Lived

While it’s fine to build your skills on failures, it’s also important to enhance your soul through accepting your emotions as you have them. Avoid letting the ego take over to make them any more than they were supposed to be. Experiences breed growth and we crave them bring us joy at a soul level. Continue reading

How Your Anger Can Actually Heal You

Anger.  It’s hard to live with, harder to live without, right? I agree. Whether you are confrontational or passive aggressive, no matter how you handle anger, you and everyone around you is affected by your anger. Some people will give … Continue reading

3 Power Tricks To Supercharge Your Day With Gratitude

Why is it so hard for you to say, “thank you” to you, when you say thank you to complete strangers every day (or at least I hope you do). If someone holds the door, or even when a waiter … Continue reading

self improvement

3 Ways I Tried To Change My Life (and failed)

If there was ever a poster child for personal-development-aholics I’d be the girl at the podium introducing herself saying, “Hi my name is Lori Taylor. I’ve been addicted to personal development since 2007 and I have the best intentions “to … Continue reading