If You’ve Never Failed, You’ve Never Lived

While it’s fine to build your skills on failures, it’s also important to enhance your soul through accepting your emotions as you have them. Avoid letting the ego take over to make them any more than they were supposed to be.  Experiences breed growth and we crave them bring us joy at a soul level.

When you are on the field of life and you get knocked down pay attention to your next move because for the most part you have three basic choices.

1. Grab your bat and glove and go home.

2. Lay on the field in the fetal position.

3. Get back up to bat.

No matter what you choose, the only outcome I can GUARANTEE from going home or doing nothing is you will never hit that ball out of the park. And life will hunt you down like a dog and find new and better ways to “teach” you what you are avoiding, so best to accept and stop resisting so you can move through it easily.

If you face and embrace the situation, pick yourself up off the ground and get back up to bat you guaranteed one thing: Another chance to swing for the fences to get what you really want. And like my mamma always told me, “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.” (pretty sure she borrowed that – ha!)

Watch this inspiring video and tell me, where would we be today if these people had chosen to quit?


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