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6 Reasons Why Being a Nice Person is Not Good Enough in Life

If you want something, you go for it. No excuses. You do what it takes. You can’t expect life to be handed over to you just because you’re nice. Continue reading

The 6 Steps to Fully Finding a Passion For Life

How do you find it? How does one actually gain passion and be happy with it forever? Is it actually possible?

It is, if you play it right. Continue reading

5 Ways Traveling Can Change Your World

It does wonders for you, your mind and your soul. You won’t find any travel hacks here. Just an honest piece on why you should travel. Continue reading

13 Things We Need To Stop Doing In 2016 To Be Happy

Pleasing everybody. You can’t. It’s impossible. It’s just going to drive you nuts. It’s even going to make people unhappy with you as you come across as if you’re trying too hard. Continue reading

9 Reasons Why That Person You Gossip About is Happier Than You

“Big people come up with ideas. Average people talk about things. Little people talk about others.”

That person you gossip so much about is the big person. He’s busy being his own person and doing his thing. He is growing. He is happy. Continue reading

7 Ways To Start Appreciating Yourself

You’re good enough. You’re capable and probably doing really well today.

You just have to realize that.

Here are 10 ways to start appreciating yourself: Continue reading