The 6 Steps to Fully Finding a Passion For Life

So everyone likes to talk about passion today.

“Find passion!”

“Follow your heart!”

“Go for your dreams!”

Most commonly, it’s followed with, “And you never have to work a day in your life.”

A lot of these are easy to say, but in reality, passion has a lot of nuances involved.

How do you find it? How does one actually gain passion and be happy with it forever? Is it actually possible?

It is, if you play it right.

The 6 steps to gaining a passion for life

1) First, write down anything that interests you 

Passion is not a mere interest, hobby or pastime. It is way more than that, but the fire must start from a spark.

Write down whatever that interests you. It doesn’t have to be something grand or popular. As long as you’re attracted to it in the smallest of ways, write it down. It could be something as obscure as taxidermy.

2) Try them all out until your heart and mind clicks

Then get out there and try them all out.

Treat this as a fun way to open up in life. If you don’t have passion yet, then you’re literally free to do whatever you want.

Look up interest groups online and find out where they hang. Join them. Search for classes of whatever craft or art you want to learn, then go sign up. Or just ask around your friends or family who have the same interest, then join them when they’re out doing it.

You try them all out until your heart and mind clicks.

What does this mean?

3) Passion becomes the fire you feel deep within

At the end of the day, passion is a driving force that creates a fire deep within you.

When something clicks with you, you’ll know it with your heart. You simply will know. Your heart always knows.

This is when the reasons behind why you want to keep this new found passion will be so strong that you’ll want to keep with you forever and ever.

This is real happiness. 

This is when you feel like everything is right in this world and that nothing else matters.

Honestly, this part if self-explanatory. You just have to feel it. Passion is very personal. As long as you feel it, you keep it. Never let anyone take it away from you.

4) Passion will seep into your everyday life

As said, passion isn’t a mere hobby or past time where you indulge in it during your free time only.

Passion is powerful that it will start to show up in every part of your life.

Maybe you love basketball. While you aren’t on the court, it’s something you talk about all the time with your friends.

Also, you’d relate all your challenges in life with your passion. Whatever you learn during your passion journey, you’d take it to other parts of you so you can keep pushing yourself.

5) Passion pushes you to keep wanting to be better

For whatever passion you have, you’d want to keep getting better at it. It is something that drives you to want to keep improving on your art, or craft.

In other words, you’d always be a student. And that’s great! That’s always something new to learn and discover. You’d want to see how far it can take you.

Note however, that passion is not a competition. You don’t need first-place trophies or medals to validate you, even though they push you. So remember to take a step back from time to time in order to enjoy the journey.

5) Passion gives you a culture you can belong to

For whatever passion you have, there’d be others out there too. They share the same mindset and love for you.

This is a culture, or subculture. This is where you belong.

You know you have passion when you’re surrounded by like-minded folks who constantly inspire each other under the same roof.

It is an amazing feeling to feel like you’ve a place to truly call home, where you and your passionate friends rise above society’s standard of living and continue to do what you guys love instead.

6) Passion will finally identify you

This is the ultimate step in fully embracing passion.

It becomes your identity.

It becomes you.

It is worth noting that passion is not the golden ticket that solves all your problems. No, just because you have passion doesn’t mean your business is going to thrive, much less make you feel like you don’t have to work at all.

But, passion can identify you.

At the end of the day, you’d want people to say, “That’s [your name]! He’s the one who’s a [your passion]!”

And that’s awesome enough.

So you want a passion today?

Write down your interests. Try them all out until something clicks within. You’ll feel it. Keep practicing, you’d want to anyway. Associate yourself with other like-minded people.

Be one with the passion and just be happy.

That’s how you get passion.

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