9 Reasons Why That Person You Gossip About is Happier Than You

1)¬†He isn’t wasting his time talking about you or other people

Heard of this quote?

“Big people come up with ideas. Average people talk about things. Little people talk about others.”

That person you gossip so much about is the big person. He’s busy being his own person and doing his thing. He is growing. He is happy.

2) He is not surrounding himself with gossipers

And your happiness and emotional well-being largely depends on the people you surround yourself with.

If you’re constantly being surrounded by gossipers, there’s only so much you can grow. Gossip after all, is toxic in nature.

So if you don’t hear that person talking about you or anything like that, it’s probably because they have better things to do. If you’re gossiping too much, it’s time to look around and see whether you’re really happy or not.

3) He is not taking sides

When people gossip, they take sides. They start to band together around a certain belief or idea.

And when that gets challenged, they start to be unhappy as they start to wonder, “How dare something/somebody challenge US?”

That is how the masses become unhappy.

But if you don’t waste your time gossiping and start to form your opinions instead of believing everything you hear, you’ll be a lot happier knowing that you stand up for your own beliefs.

4) He is learning and growing as a person

Gossip gets you nowhere. You learn nothing from it. If anything, it only teaches you to be a judgmental person.

So that person you talk about so much? He’s not learning how to judge people. He’s doing something more productive. He learns things. He absorbs facts and ideas. He studies them.

He is growing. And when somebody grows, they get better and become happier.

5) He takes pride in not being a liar

Gossipers lie. That’s the truth. The truth is always being stretched and things are exaggerated to no end.

A liar is not happy in life because they talk big just to fill up a void.

That person you gossip about so much is way happier because he has meaningful conversations with people instead. He and his friends don’t see a need to talk about half-truths or lies which serves no purpose in the end.

6) He has faith in his friends

The thing about gossipy people is that they’re ironically surrounded by the very people who talks behind others’ back all the time.

It begs to be asked then, “Are these friends talking behind my back?”

I personally believe gossipy people are not happy people as they start to suspect one another.

A non-gossipy person doesn’t need to do that. He is happy knowing that his friends are real friends who are there for him.

7) He has a peaceful time at work

Office politics are the bane of every work environment. People and colleagues make it a bad place as everyone keeps gossiping

The person who doesn’t waste his time gossiping steers clear of the politics. He is happy at work as he simply focuses on his work and makes sure he does it well.

8) He is nice and helps others

When people gossip, they form this pre-conceived perception¬†of somebody. More often than not, it’s not a good one.

As a result, gossipy people end up not being nice at all.

A person who is not nice is not happy person. Period. Deep down, they’re suffering.

Think about it: If you’re nice and helpful to others, you are happy. Only good can come from that. No sane person ever becomes unhappy from being nice. And sometimes, the only way to become happier is to help others.

9) He is well-respected

Because no gossipy person is a respected one.

A gossipy person doesn’t even know how to respect others.

When you’re respected, people’d have only good things to say about you.

I don’t see how people can be unhappy that way.

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