5 Ways Traveling Can Change Your World

I wish I could say I’ve traveled a large part of the world and have my passport overloaded with stamps from different places.

But nah. I’ve traveled a little only. I also was into a long-distance relationship once.

Suffice to say, traveling is amazing. It does wonders for you, your mind and your soul.

You won’t find any travel hacks here. Just an honest piece on why you should travel.

1) It will humble you and make you grateful

I personally love going to Thailand. It’s pretty near where I am from.

Every time I go, I get humbled to the point of being thankful for what I’ve in my life today.

As long as you go to a poor country where there’re people who are so poor that they’ve to beg for food and money on the street, you’ll definitely start being grateful for the little, basic things in life.

We get so caught up in chasing things in society, namely money, love, a good career or status that we forget how lucky we already have it. Perhaps it’s time to always remember what a great life you already have.

2) It will surprise you in the way different people lead their lives

I remember going to the rural parts of Thailand. Most people worked in farms there.

That’s it. Then they chill and relax for the most part of the day.

It made think about what made me happy. So many of us are chasing money thinking that we need it to be happy. But the people over there? They didn’t care. They will probably never make as much as the modern person does in modern society, but they don’t care.

Because they’re happy. Meeting people like that will really make you wonder about the things you’re chasing.

3) It’ll allow you to know different cultures see things differently

I met a friend overseas once. We are around the same age. When I asked him what he does for a living, he casually replied, “My parents give me money now.”

It was so normal and accepted there. If I did that back home, people would laugh and look down on me for being a supposed burden to my family.

It made me think about the way different cultures lived.

Indeed, there’re people out there who can accept you for who you are despite your supposed flaws or shortcomings. You really need not be so hard on yourself, because there’re people in the same exact situation as you, but they’re happy.

Or perhaps well, maybe you can consider changing locations altogether and move to a new place.

4) It will make you think the world is a great place after all

Look, what you read and see in the news today isn’t the world.

The media specifically creates news pieces just to make sure you click, read and share them. That’s how they make money. And more often than not, it’s about something negative. We’re just wired that way.

It can be pretty depressing to keep reading the news.

So travel, meet people and learn their way of life for who they really are. A lot of people who travel say the world is a pretty safe place, as long as you’re safe yourself and use common sense.

You’d be surprise at how far locals would go to make sure you’re happy and safe. I experienced it myself before and it was awesome.

The world and its people aren’t what they are in the news. The news is the news.

5) It will push you to want more in life

Your life is based on what you perceive. So why not open up to the world and expand your horizons already?

If you travel, you’d surely want more out of life because there’re just so many different places to explore and different people to meet!

This is how you challenge yourself. This is how you keep getting out of your comfort zone, especially when you travel alone. This is how you open your mind so you don’t stay stagnant.

Life is way too short for a world this big.

So get out there already.

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