7 Habits For 7 Days That Will Ensure 365 Days of Happiness

Do you want to be happy?

That’s a question that everybody would answer, in unison, with a resounding ‘yes.’.

We all want to be happy and try every day to be, but with life and all its ups and downs it is very difficult to maintain a happy persona more over a genuinely happy life.

Unfortunately, happiness is not something we should put off until an event occurs,  or until things in our lives improves.  Our happiness is of vital important to our living a fruitful and productive life.

There is a difference between living and surviving, and unfortunately too many of us are only surviving.

The good news is, though, you can become happy whenever you want.  Every day is a new day to get happy and remain happy if you choose to.

Happiness is all about your attitude.  You can change your entire life by changing the way you view things and people.

If you are prepared to make those necessary changes, then you will be able to make changes in other areas of your life that will bring you immense happiness.

Our attitudes towards life will dictate how the rest of our life evolves and unfolds.

Below are some actionable steps to take that will guarantee that your happiness is restored in 7 days and hence secure 365 days of happiness for you if you practice them.

  1. Find meaningful and fulfilling employment

The first thing you need to do is to find something to make a living that is meaningful you.  Something that you love to do that brings you pure joy.  It must give a new meaning to your life.  It shouldn’t matter what others think or say it should only matter to you. A job is only a job until you can equate a meaning and purpose to it.

Get fully engaged and attached to something that you love to do so that even if you weren’t being paid you would feel the same way about going to work every day. When your job brings meaning to your life, you are compelled to be happy.

  1. Challenge yourself to become great

You have greatness within you just waiting to be extracted.  To realize this greatness, you must be prepared to be pushed to your limit and beyond.  This comes about through continuous practice and work hard. Do not shy away from things that are uncomfortable in the initial stages if it will get you to where you want to go in life eventually.  Do not view challenges as a stumbling block but welcome your challenges and see them as a learning process that will enable you to become a better person.

Work hard towards your goals and the more you make progress, the happier you will become.  View the small sometimes insignificant improvements in your life as victories.

Keep reminding yourself that the discomfort you feel will not matter in the end as long as you achieve your goal. Choose something that only you love but is challenging enough, so the result is worth it.

  1. Detach yourself from both your successes and failures.

Who you are as a person should never be attached to your failures and your successes.  Those things are not constant and if you fail or succeed should not make any difference in the way you view yourself.  Your happiness should not be based on anything you achieved or didn’t achieve.

Failure is not who you are, and neither is your success.  You should view your failures as a learning experience and your success as an opportunity to give back and help others along the way. Do not allow your experiences to be what you are identified as.

You are never a failure if you do not get the results you were working towards nor should your successes be the reason to be abusive and a show-off.

Life has its ups and downs, and if you are successful today you will suffer setbacks tomorrow, and the same is true if you fail today you will succeed tomorrow if you do not give up.

Do not take the things you experience in life personally because they are all temporary and fading.

Choose to be humble and learn as much as you can from those experiences whether good or bad.  Never let your failures make you give up and neither allow your success to make you unlovable.

Take life in strides

  1. Be generous without hesitation

It is so important to give to others so that you can feel good about yourself.  Giving to others not only work wonders for the person you are helping but for you as well. You might think you do not have enough to give, but you would be surprised if you take the chance to give of yourself how much of a vast difference you could make.

Giving and helping others make you happy. It is in our nature to help our fellowmen.

  1. Build close relationships with others

There is nothing that makes you happier than having close friends and family around you.  The family is the key to a happy life.  Make sure you allow your family and friends to realize how much you love and admire them.  Take the time to show them you love them and how much you need them in your life and the joy they bring.

Work to keep the people in your life that you admire and respect.  You must remember that if not given the time and energy they deserve relationship can fall apart.  Work every day to keep your relationships alive and well.

  1. Know yourself inside and out

Take some time to know yourself and live a life that is true to who you are.  Never live your life based on what others expect from you or will be pleasing to others.  Do what you think is best for your life and encourage them to see it from your perspective and if they don’t nicely let them know you still love them.

Stop living your life to please others. Com e home to yourself and who you are.  Never compare yourself to anyone else.  Value others opinion but do not let it dictates what your life should be.  Stand up for yourself and become the best person you can become doing what is best for you.

  1. Be mindful

Take the time to relax and enjoy each day.  Take some time to recharge and to be appreciative of all you have and have achieved.  Appreciate where you are in life and not be too focused on the past nor the future.  The past will never return, and the future is not here.  Stay where you are and choose to be happy.  Happiness is all about your attitude, and your attitude should be on that chooses to be and do what it is that makes you happy.

Being happy is all about learning to appreciate the small and simple things in life. Not spending your time stressing and worrying about the things that you have no control over.

Being happy is about taking the time to work towards your goal while enjoying the process to get there.

You can be happy, every day of your life if you want to and I challenge you to make every day happier than the day before.

How happy were you yesterday compared to today and why?


Rose Costas is a big believer in the power of facing your challenges head on, and that boldly wearing your scars can help others triumph over their own challenges. An accountant by profession with a passion for writing and blogging, Rose can help you to get back the fire that once burned within you, starting with her eBook “34 Ways to Build Your Confidence Today.”  at her website http://positiveattitudesforlife.com


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