6 Ways to Increase the Odds of Success

Have you ever wanted to improve or become more successful in an area of your life, thought you were committed to making the change, but then didn’t follow through? What makes you think that? It’s possible that your circumstances and mindset were holding you back.

In fact, our mindset accounts for 80% of our success and mechanics and circumstances account for 20%. Most people know enough to get the job done, but they don’t because their psychology is out of sync with their objectives.

You can’t guarantee success, but you can improve your chances. After all, chance favors the prepared. Here I am sharing 6 ways to increase the odds of success.

Develop a clear vision

A clear vision of what you want allows you to see opportunities and possibilities in your surroundings.

It assists you in determining what you want to do and the actions and activities required achieving your goal. Having a clear vision can also reveal traits that can obstruct your vision, such as impatience and short-term thinking.

Knowing exactly what you are willing to do to achieve your vision, as well as what you will not do, is a critical component of having a clear vision.

  • Be Smartly Persistent

Certainly, being persistent increases one’s chances of success; however, if one is persistent in doing something in the wrong direction, the concept of persistence does not apply in this case.

Analyzing the situation, learning from it, not repeating mistakes, and remaining persistent in the right direction are all critical components of success.

  • Be Curious and Keep Learning 

Curiosity is characterized by a thirst for knowledge and a desire to find answers to the following questions: “What is this?” and “How does it work?” It’s a crucial mental exercise because it necessitates a mindset that allows people to move forward and try new things, putting them on the path to new discoveries.

Curiosity is essential to your success because it represents a strong desire to learn without restriction. It is the driving force behind new discoveries in all fields.

  • Changing Limiting Beliefs 

When it comes to achieving success in life, one of the most common stumbling blocks is limiting beliefs. They keep barricading us in and limiting our potential. Furthermore, as success begins to elude us as a result of these limited thoughts, we unknowingly reinforce them.

Some of the common limiting beliefs can be “I am not good enough to achieve what i want”, “having negative attributes assigned to being rich”, “we are not worthy of success”. Recognize any of these in your own thinking? How often do you say to yourself, “I should,” “I have to,” or “I can’t?”

  • Positive Thoughts and Actions 

To make positive thinking produce results, you must cultivate a positive attitude toward life, expect a successful outcome from whatever you do, and take any necessary actions to ensure your success.

Effective positive thinking that produces results entails much more than simply repeating a few positive words or telling yourself that everything will be fine. It must be your dominant mental attitude, and you must back it up with positive action.

  • Become Committed

Your degree of dedication determines your level of success. Because they are dedicated to their success, extraordinary people have gone on to achieve great things in life.

They are willing to put in the effort, to get up early, to stay late, to work on their goals and achieve the success they desire at all hours of the day and night. You will do the same if you are completely committed.

Submitted by Romil G Rambhad, I am an Author, Life Coach, and Corporate Speaker. I have a YouTube channel in which I share Self improvement and personal growth tips and also creator of impactful courses for people, using extensive research and knowledge to assist people in reaching their full potential and living a happy life. I have published my Book in 2019 Sept and December 2021 also has written several articles for fellow bloggers on self improvement.

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