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6 Stressful Thoughts And How You Deal With Them

I’ll have to admit, I’m not the best person to connect with when I’m in a stressful mood. I become grumpy, irritated and easily angry. I’m well aware of my reaction towards stress, it’s just out of my control at times.

Raise your hand if you can relate.

Well, if you raised your hand then you know what it’s like to be human. If you didn’t, then kudos to you. Could we exchange emails, please?

But frankly, I’ve seen my stress-level decrease over time and I’ve become increasingly less stressful on a daily basis, which has been rather euphoric if I may. But I have my moments. Though it’s in these moments I try to recognize what I’m being all stressed out about, I try to determine what thoughts that go through my head that are harmfully stressful to both my physical and mental health. The results:

A list of 6 stressful thoughts that are determined as stressful to me (and perhaps you as well) and how I deal with them, to stay calm and healthy!

1. I’m going to be late, again! Oh, haven’t we all been in this situation? You’re on your way to work and for some reason you are late again and you know your boss is going to grind you as soon as walk through the door. It’s a very common thought that makes us stressed about going to work. How to deal with it? Well, I started taking an earlier bus so I wouldn’t have to confront my boss all the time about being late, instead I got praise for being early. But if unexpected turn of events cause you to be late, even though you left home earlier, don’t stress. Recognize the fact that what happened was out of your control (if that’s the case) and calmly explain this to both your boss, and yourself.

2. Why didn’t I do that instead? You always regret not doing something differently, I know I do. Hell, I could pile up a list of 50 things I wish I would’ve done differently but a comforting thought that I tend to bring forth is that the past is the past, it’s gone. So if you are ever feeling stressed out or anxious about a mistake or a choice you made, that you wish could have been done in another way, comfort yourself that it’s in the past. The choice has already been made and all you can do is live in the moment and keeping moving forward.

3. I hate it when the house is a mess. As I’m writing this article, my apartment literally looks like a bombed out WWII bunker. Can you guess the amount of stress I’m having about that fact right now? How can I solve this then? It’s very simple, just clean it up, at least until you feel that your mind has calmed down about your materialistic view of your crib. In fact, I think I’ll get right to it as soon as I’m finished!

4. Where are my car keys/wallet/watch/keys? How many times have you forgot at least one of these items when going out? I’ve lost count. But it’s that stressful feeling you get when actually looking for them that starts eating at you. You can’t find your keys and start to stress about the fact that you may have dropped them somewhere, who knows? In these desperate times, take a deep breath and try to trace back your movements, think of what you where doing when you last had the lost item and work your way forward in sequences. To prevent all of this, create a system. For example, every time I come home I hang my keys in my key-box and my wallet on top of it. A simple solution to a devastating problem, I’m sure.

5. I knew I should have bought that one instead. Well, this one is closely related to #2 since it has to do with a choice you wish you could change. If you bought something not for you, try to return it or sell it, and buy the thing you want instead!

6. It doesn’t matter, I’m no good. Now I know I’m tip-toeing around on anxiety-related-grass right now but it’s still a very stressful thought that occurs more often than not. This thought is falsely implicated one simulated by your notoriously mysterious mind so don’t pay it any mind. Comfort yourself with positive thoughts like how beautiful you are or how much people actually enjoy your company. I have myself been in this zone of near self-loathing and it’s not a pretty one!


Hampus “Karl” Karrlander of This Is Life Today – Helping People Get Better is a passionate life-coach who enjoys helping people see the beauty in life and become happy once again.



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