6 Real World Benefits of Embracing a Simpler Life That Make It Worthwhile

A lot of families are realizing that having more stuff and earning more money doesn’t necessarily equate to a better life. As a result, the growing trend toward simplicity has emerged. If you have been thinking about paring down the extras in your life and moving toward a simpler lifestyle, these six benefits may convince you to get started.

1. Experience Fewer Distractions

The busy things that demand your time are often extras. When you commit to enjoying a simpler life, you can begin to shed these things. That means fewer distractions, which lets you really remove the mental — and physical — clutter from your life. Since clutter can rapidly chip away at productivity and generate feelings of anxiety, reducing it is definitely a good thing.

2. Have a Lower Environmental Impact

There is a general consensus among the scientific community that the environment is in peril. If society continues on its consumer-driven course, the effects on the plenty will be irreversible. Your journey toward simplicity can help lower your environmental impact. Consider alternative energy sources. When you choose to buy solar panels or switch to an alternative fuel vehicle, you can greatly reduce your household’s dependence on fossil fuels. That not only preserves some of that rapidly-disappearing natural resource, but it also helps reduce emissions that pollute the air, water and soil.

Most people who embrace a simple lifestyle also adopt the “three Rs” of the waste hierarchy: Reduce, reuse and recycle. By reusing existing materials and objects, recycling the ones that you no longer have a use for and reducing overall consumption you not only simplify your life but also drastically reduce the amount of waste produced by

your household.

3. Provide Better Care for the Things You Have

The simpler things are, the easier they are to manage. Maintaining a smaller house is easier and quicker than keeping up with a massive one, so you can spend time doing a great job instead of rushing through it. When you choose to cut back on the amount of stuff in your life, you are also better able to take care of the things you do have. That means they are more likely to last longer and perform better.

4. Gain More Time To Focus on Your Priorities

A simple lifestyle offers you extra time for the things that matter most to you. So, whether you need that extra time to focus on them or to figure out exactly what your priorities are, you can get it by whittling away the other demands on your time and attention.

5. Lower Your Cost of Living

What constitutes a simple life is different for everyone. Part of what defines it for you is where you are when you begin the journey, while how much you want to eliminate also plays a major role. Some people are looking to downsize to a smaller house in the same town while others want to head off to a tiny house in the wilderness. Regardless of how simple or small you want to take your lifestyle, you will likely realize significant cost savings. There are so many ways that you can save money by simplifying your lifestyle. There will be fewer purchases, less maintenance and fewer travel expenses for starters.

6. Improve Your Sense Of Wellbeing

The desire to escape the rat race and find peace is a major driver of the movement toward simplicity. That can offer a huge boon to your overall health and wellbeing. You might as well face it: Living under constant pressure and stress is not healthy for you. They drain your energy and can contribute to several serious health conditions. Those include heart disease, digestive disorders and chronic inflammation. Add to that an increased sense of relaxation and you have a double win.

From more time to focus on what matters to a smaller environmental impact, you will start to notice the benefits of a simpler lifestyle pretty quickly after making the switch.


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