5 Radically Simple Ideas to Instantly Change Your Life

Life is simple.

It is.

If you want something, go get it.

If you don’t like something, stop whatever it is you’re doing and change course.

Each of us are unique individuals with our own lives, hence, we’re all special in our own way.

But because of all the noise in this world, we find it hard to believe, much less implement any of the ideas above.

Responsibility turned into burden

Granted, most of us if not all have our own responsibilities and that pretty much dictates why we do what we do.

We have bills to pay, so we work.

We have to be educated, so we study.

Yet, it’s a shame how responsibilities have turned into burden.

Is this why you’re feeling less-than-stellar with your life?

Your answers under your nose

This article is about simplicity.

I want to challenge all of you reading this that you can instantly change your life right after reading this article if you’d just open up and accept new ideas.

Life can be simple, and you can be happy.

It’s time to stop being so distracted and also to shut out the noise from the world.

5 radically simple ideas to instantly change your life

1) Give up social media for a month

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or whatever messenger, they got to go.

I wouldn’t say social media is a bad thing and that it controls our lives. It is great for communication and connecting with people!

But he danger comes when you’re subconsciously using social media, thinking you’re entertained, when really, you’re not.

This happens when you’re randomly surfing your social media feeds just because you want to be updated and not actively seeking to be entertained.

Or worse, social media is distracting you. How often do you find yourself reaching for your phone when you’re doing other things?

Many of us fall prey to this subconscious realm.

Give up social media for a month. Not only would your focus on other things be stronger, but you’d also start to appreciate other activities.

And from there, you’re going to learn new things about yourself.

2) Take up meditation or yoga

If you read up on successful people, you’d see that meditation is something they all do.

Personally, it’s becoming a cliché, but hey, it works.

The idea of meditation or meditation through yoga is creating a personal space for yourself and allowing yourself to actually breathe properly.

This space, or timeout is the actual break you need in your life. This is a time where there is zero distractions.

Now, it’s not about taking a break and doing something. It’s about doing nothing!

Meditation is about emptying your mind to allow brand new insights to enter your life.

Like staving from social media, you’re going to learn new things about yourself as the insights articulate itself from within.

And with new insights, you change your life.

3) Travel

Travelling isn’t just about going on a holiday and escape the stresses of everyday life.

Travelling is about exposing yourself to different cultures, places and people.

As you do that, you’ll definitely open up in life and start thinking in a different way.

Think about it, if you spent your whole life living a certain way in only one place, you’re going to think a certain way only.

By travelling and meeting people of different cultures, your own perception of life and how people live will be changed.

Effectively, you will not be so self-centred as you actually think about others for a change.

This is very powerful, especially if you’re pretty sick of what’s going on around you and of the negativity in your head.

4) Exercise

It’s not about getting ripped and getting a six-pack.

Neither is exercise all about counting calories in your life.

Exercise gives health.

And with a healthy body comes a healthy mind.

The whole idea here is to start feeling good about yourself, with your body.

I won’t go into detail on how exercise and good nutrition can affect both the mind and body, but if anything, the discipline of exercising would make you feel good about yourself.

It’s just better than lazing around and doing nothing.

It’s all about feeling good with your own body. Get this step done, and you’ll be walking around confidently, six-pack or not.

5) Read

This is probably the most simple of it all.

Read. Read real, actual books.

Go to your library and open up yourself to a world of knowledge.

Because knowledge is power.

That’s not to say reading is about studying and gaining intelligence on a bunch of facts so that you can show off.

Reading is a lot of things.

It’s giving you space, a place to escape to and gaining confidence from new forms of knowledge from real writers who have something to say.

A good start would be reading up biographies of famous people.

Do yourself a favour and start reading something real. Get off the internet and stop reading typical Top 10 lists of whatever.

Life can be simple

Open up to the possibility that life is simple and that all your problems can be solved easily.

It may sound easier said than done, but think about it, why constantly think about how hard something is when you can just go the other way and try something new?

I’ve given you five ideas that can help kickstart your simple life.

It’s time for a change, and it doesn’t have to be complicated.

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