5 Easy Ways to Decide Priorities in Life

Life is made up of a lot of things.

A lot of relationships, work, pains, dreams and – well – there’s a lot.

You become stuck while trying to give your time to all that matters to you. Circumstances get out of hand. Time management doesn’t seem to work. Your chaotic life makes you restless. Your determination of accomplishing more fades away when you lose enthusiasm and see your plans fail.

It happens to everyone.

You can’t always calculate how you spend every moment in life. It’s impractical, since you can’t make more time by being too cautious about how you spend your time either.

To be honest, productivity too has its own limits. There’s always a threshold point beyond which nothing works for you – no matter how hard you try and what you change.

Wisdom lies in accepting this truth and not being too hard on yourself. It’s alright if your plans aren’t happening. You cannot control everything. Once you’ve done what you need to do, let go. Don’t stress out or feel low.

It’s your dissatisfaction and self-critical attitude which makes you insecure. Otherwise most of the time, life is fine, the way it should be.

What makes us restless?

We often feel anxious and worried about how we do things.

Like something in life is missing or is yet undone.

There are several reasons to it.

However, one major reason is that we’re already dealing with several activities in life. Managing everything at once turns out to be overwhelming experience. In some way, your life becomes disorganized and the ups and downs become harder to face each day.

I don’t wish to sound smart or pretend like life is perfect for me, but I’ve learned that one reason which makes harder for us to live peacefully is our indecisiveness due to which we fail to resolve our priorities in life.

Life isn’t a mathematical equation. You don’t treat all your work calculations. Still, you possess an ability to decide what’s right for you. This is your inborn tendency of deciding priorities.

You’ve developed this ability over years by teaching yourself what’s right or wrong for you in life and intentionally making some aspects of life more important than the rest.

Each one of us has his own priorities. Based on way our own ways of living, we can decide priorities to make life easier.

How to decide priorities in life

Although it’s completely up to you to decide what matters the most to you, there are certain parts which you cannot ignore if your want your life to be peaceful. They’re common in all stages of life. If you take care of them, everything falls into place.

Here are some ways to decide priorities in life – they aren’t any form of advice but genuine ways which can help you overcome you indecisiveness and assist you in reordering you priorities in life.

1. Free yourself from what causes you pain

This should be your first priority.

End what doesn’t let you live your life to the fullest.

A normal life is a blessing as compared to the one in which you need to survive the constant blows of pains with each passing day. You don’t deserve that suffocation.

Free yourself from all that drags you down or breaks your self-esteem. You’re worthy of every bit of happiness which exists in this world, but you can only have it when you try to escape from the place which you’re living in against your will.

Are you in debt? Pay it off slowly until you can live in peace.

Stuck in a bad relationship? There’s no point in suffering; find a way out of it.

Stay away from negative people if they suck your life out of you. It’s your job to take a stand against everything out there which can make you timid. Do it at your own pace, but find a way to end your sufferings.

2. Fix what went wrong                                                        

Sometimes, life’s more about mending the past than it’s about than it’s about building the future – but it’s sort of the same thing.


Fix your life.

Take charge of what you think shouldn’t be like what it is. Focus on things that can make your life better and do them often.

The unsolved business of the past can keep you restless forever, so make peace with your past before you move on, otherwise your past will follow you everywhere.

Do you have any regrets? Get over them. If regrets still hurt, then do something which won’tyou’re your regrets affect you anymore. Your regrets are already a thing of past.

Are you living in guilt? Apologize to the ones you feel you’ve done wrong to – it doesn’t make you weak. Forgive yourself and release the past. Step out of the dark place you’re living in.

Once you take a stand for making your life better, nothing can affect you much. Eventually everything gets better.

3. Do more of what’s right for YOU

Be a little selfish.

It’s quite easy to forget your own identity while you’re living by the rules of the world.

How long are you planning to be a puppet of this world? No, the world isn’t a complete miserable place either – but you need to think about yourself in it. Give less damns, be a bit careless regarding how others treat you and start thinking of yourself.

Act on your dreams and risk if your feel like doing so – it’s you who has to deal with the consequences, not the world. It’ll clap when you’re done. Till then, don’t let others make you a coward.

Also, find what makes you happy. Pick up the tiny reasons which can make you smile. Sometimes, it’s just the small things in life which can make you happy in spite of being insignificant.

Always find time for these little, even if it isn’t much, whether it’s about having a meal with your family or talking to your old friends. They’re a priority.

4. Work on creating the new

While you’re busy with life, keep stepping out of your limits.

Engage yourself in new activities. Explore new parts of your work. Those things help you think beyond your limitations and get you new opportunities.

Life can be still, but that stillness is a responsibility to prepare for the future. You might be content and happy. Yet, do what will pay off in the future for your own welfare.

Starting a new business to ensure your financial safety, buying a home for your family, changing your diet for a better health – all take all these steps not only for the present but for a better future.

When you work for your future, you can be more assured about what your life is going to be life. So you worry less and feel at peace.

5. Get used to change

Be prepared for a change and accept what’s coming. That’s the only way to not let life break you.

Nothing always happens as per your expectations. Life’s uncertain. You cannot control every aspect but only find ways to recover and bring your life back to normal.

Life doesn’t suddenly become easy because you set certain priorities and work on them.

It’s your ability to adapt to change can improve your life even when the odds are against you.

What do you think should be our main priorities in life? How do you decide yours? Let me know in the comments below.

I’m Vishal Ostwal. A writer, blogger and the kind of person whose name rhymes with his surname. I write about making life worth living on my self-help blog. Follow me on Facebook for my newest updates.

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