4 Ways Mindful Mornings Will Turn Into Boss Days

There are a thousand things to do today, there were a million things to do yesterday, and now you’re lying in bed dreading the rest of it. Don’t dread the day, have a perfect day. Everyday. By setting it up right, and treating your morning with respect.

Treating your morning mindfully creates an environment of success that will follow you through-out your day. The most successful people wake up early, and do things once they wake up, practice what they preach, practice mindful mornings, and emulate their success. Wake up early, allow yourself time to do the things you want to, and unlock the keys to a delightful day.

Do. With Purpose.

Make time for what needs to be done, and remember the purpose of all the actions. Waking up and making coffee sucks, but waking up and making coffee so you can be the most productive person in the office is making a fat pot of super juice every morning. It’s infinitely more purposeful to wake up and only do things that are vital to your day. It can help you eliminate some of the less helpful tasks from your day. For example, while waking up and cleaning your house might feel like utter trash; waking up and removing the possibility of parasites, clearing clutter, and not forcing yourself to do it tonight,will leave you with an amazing, refreshed feeling.

Remain calm

Calm. Zen. Take a moment. Scrambling around the house for a missing set of keys might seem the fastest way to find your keys, but taking a breath and thinking about it for a moment will help you find your keys a little faster. It’s the same thing for the rest of your morning tasks: taking the time to enjoy your shower will get you in and out far faster than furious scalp scrubbing and speed rinsing. Cooking a solid breakfast will get you through the rest of your day faster AND will end up a lot quicker than cleaning up a spilled bowl of cereal. Calmly transitioning through tasks rather than multitasking or scrambling through them, will create a better morning and will set-up an amazing day.

It might seem a little counter-intuitive, but staying calm, and enjoying your time spent on each task (even the heinous ones) will move the morning faster, leave you with a little extra time, and a slightly happier. It will also prevent multitasking overload too early in the morning and force you to focus on one thing at a time. This can be especially important for people who work from home. The transition between hectic home life, and actual working time is vital for anyone who needs to avoid the dreaded distractions that come from working at home.

Make Time for What You Enjoy

Or at least something you want to do. The rest of your morning might be shovelling horse manure out of barn stalls, but gosh darn, making time to do something that you like can make manure less smelly. Life sucks sometimes, and your morning might be a terrible task laid forth in front of you, but back to being mindful, find something to make you happy. For me it used to be sitting in my backyard with a cup of tea every sunrise. My day sucked, but it sucked a little less if I got to watch the sun scrawl pink and orange across the sky and reflect its long limbs across the valley while my sleep numbed fingers warmed themselves on a glowing mug of something bitter and burning. For some people, they like to meditate or read, it’s not what you do, it’s that you enjoy it. Enjoy a modicum of time every morning and reduce your stress load throughout the day.

Why Will This Make a Great Day?

Your morning makes your day, and it’d be silly to discount the effects of your mood on the rest of your life. Forgetting breakfast, doing everything you hate (like cardio), and all in a stressed rush will only pass through to the rest of your day, but setting yourself up for an attitude of success will only make your day more effective, happier, and all around better.


Mary Grace lives in the beautiful Boise, Idaho. She loves exploring. Everything. Tweet her @marmygrace or email her directly at marmgrace(@) gmail.com if you have any questions or just want to chat!


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