3 Secrets to Writing Articles from the Heart

Fill your paper with the breathings of your heart.” 

― William Wordsworth

Writing must come from the heart.

The greatest pieces are those writings that touch, inspire and provoke readers. They impart emotions so strong, you find yourself tearing up, fuming or simply starving for more.

When a writer writes from the heart, he takes a piece of himself and puts it into his writings.  He uses his own voice to persuade people, to catch their attention, to change their minds… It is one of the hardest thing to do, but also the easiest to learn. Because once you learned how to write from the heart, you never will run out of things to write.

What Is Writing For You?

Is it a form of self-expression? A hobby? A money-making endeavor?

Writing for many passionate writers is an addiction. A habit they can’t live without. It is more than just a way to express their emotions, more than just a hobby to pass the time, it was never about money. They are deeply devoted to writing like it’s a religion.

Most of them fell in love with writing at a young age. They are those children who spend their days reading books at the library, who make stories in their heads every time, those kids who cherish good books. Their passion comes from the heart; writing is something they grew up with.

The following are tips that can help you master writing articles from the heart:

#1 – Find Your Own Voice

Writing is a solitary experience.  But when you write, somehow it feels like you’re talking to someone. You hear your writing voice talking to your imaginary reader.  You don’t hear Shakespeare or Dickens, you hear yourself.

It’s that voice of yours, that familiar voice filling your thoughts with words as you write. The more passionate you are about the topic you are writing about, the harder it is to stop that writing voice from talking and talking… filling your head with ideas.

#2 – Know What Inspires You   

What are the things that motivate you? Things that make you happy to be alive?  Before writing try to think about them. Use these things as your source of inspiration.

Don’t ever write when you feel too stressed, in a bad mood, or if you’re feeling too tired. Writing will suffer if you are in not in the proper mindset to write. Writing is a mirror of your emotions. When you feel happy, it will always come out in your writings.  If you are sad, your writing will also sound sad, and if you’re tired, your writing will also be tiresome to read.

Many people say they have passion in writing. But they do not really understand what passion means. Passion is when you don’t care about money, fame; you simply just want to write because you enjoy it so much.

Great things are achieved because someone is passionate enough to make it happen. Those who aren’t passionate of their work get bored and feel lonely. Those who aren’t passionate in writing will never find their own writing voice. Passion is important.

#3- Learn Along the Way

Learn every day, much better yet forever. Yes, don’t stop learning at all. Just because you have been named “masters” in your field doesn’t mean you already know everything. Masters also learn from their students. Life is all about learning and acquiring knowledge every day.  And also don’t hesitate to ask for help. If you need help in writing you can always ask a friend, your professor or hire a writing coach to overcome your difficulty in writing.

Every writer will encounter setbacks as they grow into their writing career. There will be a lot of revisions, rewrites and sometimes comes the hard to swallow rejection notice. But it’s all part of your journey. So, never give up! Use it as a leverage to become better than you were yesterday.


Armela Escalona is a content editor at scoopfed.com. She writes motivational articles about work, health and college life. Stay connected with her through her LinkedIn Account.


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