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yoga poses for women

5 Yoga Poses Every Woman Should Practice

Yoga helps us to live in the moment and find a balance in life. In today’s modern world, women are the perfect epitome of how to balance life. A female body goes through sundry metamorphoses in her life at different … Continue reading

The Mind and Body Connection; How Posture Affects Your Mood

We all have heard the phrase, Mind, Body, and Soul, but very few people understand how they all work together. Most people believe the phrase “I can achieve anything I put my mind to”. In some cases this is true, … Continue reading

Use the ‘15-Minute Checkout’ to Save Time — and Your Sanity — at Work and in Life

“It is not enough to be busy,” said Henry David Thoreau. “So are the ants. The question is: What are we busy about?” Odds are you can relate, especially at work. You are ever busy, yet at the end of the day, you wonder what you … Continue reading

8 Nootropics to Stimulate Your Brain This Fall

Nootropics is a term coined by Dr. Corneliu E. Giurgea to describe a class of drugs, supplements, and other synthetic and naturally occurring compounds that improve cognitive function in our brains. They’re often called “smart drugs,” as they can help … Continue reading

You Can Get Better at Remembering Names. Here’s How.

By Dr. Antonio Rotondo Let’s be honest. Who hasn’t forgotten names at one point or another? Sometimes it can be embarrassing: You’re in a meeting at work making introductions when the name of the person in the cubicle across from … Continue reading

How To Overcome Work Stress with Resilience Tactics

Stress is good.  You won’t hear that on most productivity blogs. We’re usually obsessed with finding ways to decrease our level of stress. Buy a stress ball! Do some yoga! Get one of those kettles with the long spout and … Continue reading