Monthly Archives: July 2016

The 6 Step Guide To Staying Present Every Single Day

It’s time to take control of your life, start living in the moment, and approach each day with energetic mindfulness. Ask yourself: Will you allow fear or complacency to hold you back, or do you want to experience everything that life has to offer? Continue reading

25 Best Websites to Learn New Skills Online

The future of learning is online, where you can learn new things anytime, anywhere.

Whether your desire is to become the next business leader, learn a new language, or hack the world of traveling, we’ve collected the best websites to learn new things online. Continue reading

6 Ways to Love Yourself, For Better Mental Health

To really battle our behaviour, we need to start by learning to love ourselves. Here are 6 important suggestions to really help you love yourself, unconditionally: Continue reading

10 Things You’ll Never Hear A Great Leader Say

As you begin your journey as a leader in this world, it is important to keep these bad experiences in mind to be sure you don’t make the same mistakes. Continue reading

How Focusing on Strengths Instead of Weaknesses Changes Your Brain

How many of your New Year’s resolutions focus on fixing a weakness? My guess is most of them. Am I right? It’s human nature to focus on our shortcomings. And by doing so, we sabotage ourselves. Continue reading

How To Be The BEST Version of You in 2016

Being the best version of yourself basically means you have sifted through all of the layers, removed all of the unwanted “stuff,” and are in control of your thoughts and emotions. Continue reading