How To Be The BEST Version of You in 2016

Here we are, halfway through 2016. Some of us look at this and immediately get nervous thinking we are running out of time! While others, well, they view these next few months as, “I’m ALL in!” So, where are you? Let me go a little deeper…where are you with your goals? Reflect back on the goals you set New Year’s Day. Can you check them off or are they still unfinished? Well, in order for you to finish up 2016 stronger than when you started, there are 3 tips you can start with today.

But first, we need to discuss something very important.

You need to dig deep and imagine the best version of yourself. This means, if you had everything in life balanced (your time, relationships, health, finances, etc.), what does that person look like? Being the best version of yourself basically means you have sifted through all of the layers, removed all of the unwanted “stuff,” and are in control of your thoughts and emotions. By implementing these 3 tips today, you will be right on track with being the best version of YOU in 2016.

1. Get your mind in the game.

As part of being successful, you have to have the right mental shift take place in a brain-healthy way. Scientifically speaking, your brain is involved in everything you do. Learn to have joy around everything, even the most anxiety-provoking situations, let your mind think of that which is good, honorable, true, and of love.

2. Get your health on track.

Your health goes deeper than just exercise and eating your vegetables! You need to practice nourishment from the inside out. When you learn to master this part of your health which ties together with your mental practice, the result is clarity. When you have clarity with your health, you’ll feel good then your view is good (aka, essential to being the best version of you!).

3. Get your faith in motion.

When you operate in a state of faith, you have clarity and your soul is fed. Dr. Amen from Amen Clinics states, “Your sense of spirituality underlies everything you do….it is the fuel that proves your life with a deep sense of meaning, passion, and purpose; it is your connection to God, past and future generations…” When you add faith to the mix of life, you operate in a more “freeing” or “bold” way of life. When you have your health balanced (mental, physical, emotional, spiritual, etc.), you automatically become the best version of yourself. You renew your mind from the “old-self” and from your old ways of thinking and start living off of an “Attitude of Gratitude.” Now you have the tools to finish out 2016 strong! Go conquer your goals!


Kelli Michele is a Wellness Educator and helps individuals learn to “Be Love, Be Well, and Be Free.” Kelli primarily works with women to help them find overall balance with their Mind, Body, & Soul through faith-based programs.  She has earned her Master of Arts in Human Services with Specialization in Health and Wellness, Bachelor of Science in Health Promotions, Digestive Health Guru, and is also certified as a Fitness Nutrition Specialist.


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