Monthly Archives: January 2016

16 Rules That Lead You To Happiness

Admit that developing your skills and growing emotionally are not the first things in your agenda, if they are even there. Life is full of events and responsibilities; days go by very fast. Continue reading

Courage = Heart: 5 Daily Reminders for Women

Most of the time we think courage is a big emotion we muster up in times of need, when the clouds descend and life collapses around us with loud booming noises. Continue reading

4 Ways To Prevent Self-Criticism from Holding You Back

“Remember, you have been criticizing yourself for years and it hasn’t worked. Try approving of yourself and see what happens.” ― Louise L. Hay, You Can Heal Your Life Continue reading

Three Powerful Mindfulness Tips That Can Change Your Life

You are the master of your mind and only you can decide what you’re feeling. Don’t let other people put you down with their words and actions. Continue reading

21 Ways to Stop Regretting the Life You Didn’t Have And Live The Life You Want Now

You can create that life you dream of right now — without a time machine.

21 Ways to Stop Regretting the Life You Didn’t Have Continue reading

Sustainable Happiness? 10 Ways to Get There

What really brings us sustained happiness and how can you bring more of it into your life by design?

There are frills and short lived excitement which is all and fine. But what are those things that we can bring more into our life that provides us with a bit of lasting joy? Continue reading