Monthly Archives: November 2013

Thanksgiving: A Time to Do You

As you arrive at home to see the family – eager to fill your belly with Turkey, cranberries and maybe a bit too much wine – it’s important to remember the people who fill your life.

But do you know what’s even more important? …To remember yourself. Continue reading

Why Finding Freedom Is One of the Scariest Things You’ll Ever Do

The thing is it’s easy to let it happen when you’ve got plenty of money, plenty of time, happy with how things are going and you can let it glide by without a care in the world. Continue reading

Finish What You Started: 4 Tips to Effectively See Your Projects Through

Do you have a pile of unfinished projects inside your drawer or computer? You know, half-baked ideas, incomplete blog posts, or projects that never left the “work in progress” stage? If so, keep reading. The following are tips to help you see things through and ensure that you finish the projects that you start: Continue reading

How To Break The Wheel Of Monotony

It’s not hard to get bogged down with the same routine, and confine oneself to a recurring pattern in a never ending rut. Eventually, it just burns us out and we are left with a sense of stagnation and boredom. Boredom is supposed to be an emotional weight or a feeling of doom that’s supposed to hang off us when we have nothing to do, and are dispassionate about life. Continue reading

How Action Beats Inaction

Life has a funny way of working, people complain that life is not fair, yet they celebrate when they triumph over others.

Perhaps life isn’t fair for a reason, maybe life isn’t fair because life rewards those who are willing to grind and hustle for what they want. Continue reading

The 5 Most Common Pitfalls To Success

Damn it! Aren’t we meant to succeed?

Of course we are. And we will!

We just have to keep on keeping on avoid the most common pitfalls: Continue reading