Monthly Archives: March 2013

Spring Cleaning-The New Resolution

Every New Years Eve, we often hype ourselves up with our newest resolution of improvement. A lot of the time, we often dismiss our goal of resolution and are stuck waiting for the next external opportunity to motivate us to change our habits for the better. With this said, why not start a new type of resolution, “Spring Cleaning”? And what better mental clutter to dust out then removing the fears in our mind that are constantly holding us back? Spring is here. The time is now. Continue reading

7 Ways To Be More Optimistic

Optimism is absolutely essential for winning, meeting and exceeding goals, and feeling accomplished and fulfilled. It helps us deal with unexpected change, worries and stress, and inevitable disappointments. Continue reading

How to Turn Worry into an Ally

But what happens when the power to imagine future events causes you think incessantly about possible negative outcomes? What happens when this amazing faculty turns into “worry?” Continue reading

Simple Practical Things You Can Do To Take Control Of Your Thoughts

We hear it all the time, “Our thoughts control our actions” but it often goes misunderstood. We believe our thoughts think us and we don’t have a choice but we do. We have made it a habit to follow every thought to completion because of this belief. It doesn’t have to be this way and here are some simple things you can do change that belief. Continue reading

Awesome Morning

Who Else Wants an Awesome Morning?

Having an awesome morning is though, I know. Suddenly we have to get all our systems ready for another high-energy day. Personally, I wasn’t doing too well on this front until I made some real changes. I set out with one single goal in mind – to make my mornings awesome! Continue reading

How To Cultivate The Habit of Fear

The only thing standing in the way of you creating the life of your dreams is not fear, it is your relationship to fear. Create a new relationship by making fear a constant companion on your journey and you will find within you the courage to embark upon any voyage into the unknown, no matter how stormy the seas or dark the skies. Continue reading