Spring Cleaning-The New Resolution

Being a human is quite peculiar almost solely due to the fact that we have our own brain waves, judgments, and perceptions. But sometimes I consider how strange it must be to exist as a mindless organism, such as a plant… no thoughts, no perceptions, and no capacity for fears. Just pure living…

Flowers, among the many types of plants, are truly fearless as they are not afraid to open themselves vulnerably to the sun. And though they lack brainwaves, they have enough sense to know that the only way to continue to grow is to defeat the fear of getting burned, facing the heat head on.

This got me to thinking, what are the fears that I am afraid of burning my existence? And if I identify them, will I have the courage to accept them into my heart, further helping my growth of a happy, purpose-filled life?

The first step to overcoming a fear is obviously realizing that it even exists in the first place. When asked to identify our largest fears as a child, we are trained to answer with tangible objects such as thunderstorms, spiders, or the dark (where the monsters lurk for sure). Mine is most definitely snakes… and I realize that conquering this fear may not significantly change my life, unless I plan on maybe owning my own reptile house (not a shot in hell).

In actuality, the type of life-altering fears that we need to face head on are often not tangible at all, therefore not easily recognized within our souls. Among the most popular that I can personally identify with, includes:

1.     Failure

2.     Losing people close to me

3.     Rejection from others

4.     Not being in control of myself

When I consider what my largest fears are, I know that looking them in the eye will help me to see that these fears are merely perceptions, a figment of reality… a lame TV show. And are therefore causing me to waste away from fully opening myself to the light opportunity for positive, colorful growth.

So instead of New Years Resolutions, I am beginning what I call “Spring Cleaning”, a goal dusting out my fears one at a time beginning with my number one: failure.

I declare that fearing and worrying about failure is only wasted seconds that could be put towards conquering success… and that if I am putting forth my best efforts and truest intentions, that I will always be successful in the end. That I DO have what it takes, but also need to consider time, patience, good work ethic, and the importance of trial and error… that the only way I will EVER reach failure is by giving up, or selling my dreams and values short.

My question to you is, what burns are you most afraid of? What is that tiny thought of panic that often prevents you from living… And if you don’t do some “Spring Cleaning” and instead let those tiny panics eat you alive, then  how will you ever fully open up to the sun?

Spring is here. The time is now.

Happy Blooming!


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