Monthly Archives: April 2012

How to Stop Limiting Beliefs

Do you attack limiting beliefs though things like positive self-talk (“I know I can do it!”) and imaging (imagining ourselves being successful)? I feel those often don’t work. The problem is they only address the symptom (convincing yourself not to feel bad) rather than the cause of your limiting belief (why you feel bad in the first place). Continue reading

The Strength to Overcome

It’s up to you how your new life begins. Are you going to lay on the floor or are you going to get up and take back what belongs to you? I can’t promise you it will be easy. I can’t promise you that you won’t cry, feel pain, or want to give up. However, I can promise you that doing nothing won’t solve the problem. Continue reading

5 Ways to Overcome Nerves Before Giving a Speech

Most people feel nervous prior to giving a speech. This is human nature and indeed some degree of nerves is absolutely essential to remain alert and deliver the speech clearly. However nerves do become a problem if they are debilitating in any way. Thankfully, there are practical ways to overcome this which are outlined below. Continue reading

3 Things a CEO Learned: a Yoga Manifesto

When my wife suggested taking a yoga class two years ago, I went with trepidation and visions of chanting, incense, and body parts in odd places.

What I didn’t know at the time was that I was beginning a journey learning more about myself and, surprisingly, more about business than I learned at one of the top ten business schools in the country and 20 years of professional experience. Continue reading

Happiness – Yours To Keep

Media, social and traditional, corporations, advertisers, marketers, friends, family, co-workers are constantly feeding us information. It perhaps starts with the snoozer in the morning to the time you log out from Facebook or turn the television off, or your last email from your Blackberry. A lot of the information that we process in our everyday lives is of little use to us. Continue reading

5 Powerful Ways to Make Time for Your Dreams

Whatever your life looks like right now, I suspect that you wish you had a bit more time to pursue the things that really matter to you.
Maybe you want to write a novel, or travel around the world, or switch to a new career, or get fit and healthy … whatever your dreams are, they’re important. The trouble is, it’s so hard to find the time to actually work towards them. Continue reading