Monthly Archives: November 2011

Don’t Go it Alone: How Other People Can Help You Reach Your Goals

A few years ago, I thought that achievements only really “counted” if I did everything alone. I was afraid that accepting help would make me look weak. But the truth is, getting help isn’t a sign of weakness – it’s a way to maximize your potential. Continue reading

Do Not Deprive Yourself: How to Eat Healthy For Life

They often eliminate whole food groups (which is unhealthy and dangerous) or they eliminate your favorite foods (which makes them hard to stick to!)

You can’t live on a restrictive diet for the rest of your life. You need to create a diet that’s going to fit your lifestyle, not force yourself to adopt a whole new lifestyle for your diet. Continue reading

Book Review: Train Your Brain by Judith Tramayne

Our thoughts create our experience. And the only way to improve our experience is to train our brains to consistently produce better thoughts. That’s the idea Judith Tramayne explores in Train Your Brain. She spent 37 years researching the subject before she was confident enough to share what she learned. Her belief is that spreading this knowledge will end famine, disease, and anything else that prevents “light (good)” from entering our lives. Continue reading

Getting Motivated: Whatever Your Circumstance

Sometimes you don’t finish or even get started because you don’t know exactly what you want, where to begin or believe in yourself. Then there are times when your mood or feelings about other things prevent you from proceeding, it kills your motivation. Continue reading

4 Things that Keep You from Your Goals

But why is is that people don’t achieve their goals? What keeps them stuck, unable to lose that weight, make more money, find the love they really want, or do the countless other things to make themselves happy? Continue reading

Stop Waiting for Permission: Do What You’ve Been Resisting

It gives you a fabulous excuse. You can tell others, and more importantly, yourself, that it’s out of your hands. It can help you sleep because it gives you the illusion that you’re not in control. And if you’re not in control, it’s not your fault. Continue reading