Book Review: Train Your Brain by Judith Tramayne

Our thoughts create our experience. And the only way to improve our experience is to train our brains to consistently produce better thoughts. That’s the idea Judith Tramayne explores in Train Your Brain. She spent 37 years researching the subject before she was confident enough to share what she learned. Her belief is that spreading this knowledge will end famine, disease, and anything else that prevents “light (good)” from entering our lives.



To lead a rich and fulfilling life, we need to understand two eternal and universal laws:

1. The Law of Abundance – “Every tree, plant, flower, and animal has enough reproductive capabilities in it to produce thousands of offspring,” Tramayne writes. No matter what we do to interfere, the universe will always be abundant.

2. The Law of Attraction – Everything is energy. That means we can attract anything we feel strongly about. “There is nothing mystical or magical about this knowledge,” Tramayne explains. “It’s merely a scientific fact.”


Whole Brain:

The mind can be divided into two parts: conscious and subconscious. But most of us give over to the conscious mind, which is why we struggle in life. Instead, we should make the conscious mind tell the subconscious mind what it wants and then have the conscious mind get out of the way so the subconscious mind can do the work.



Most of our thoughts are repetitive and uncontrolled. That’s why they don’t give us what we want. The only way to get what we want is to control our thoughts. Seeing only the good we want in our lives allows the universe to bring us good things.



Faith isn’t just about religion; it also means trusting in your sixth sense (inner voice). This is what guides us to make the right choices. Faith also puts us in a state of knowing that we’ll get what we ask for. This isn’t about luck; it’s about letting the laws of abundance and attraction work in our lives.


Trained Thoughts:

You can train your thoughts in three steps:

  1. Quiet – meditate to find a sense of inner calm
  2. Concentrate – discipline your conscious mind so you’re fully aware of all your thoughts
  3. Replace – swap negative thoughts with an intense desire of what you want instead

This process isn’t easy. That’s because all the years of uncontrolled thinking are hard to change. But, with enough practice, it can become an automatic process.


Trained Focus:

To keep your focus and energise your thoughts, create your own collage of motivational pictures. Then take some time during the day to look over it. You don’t have to stare at it all the time; it’s just a way to get motivated and focus on what you want.


Rich Flow:

Sometimes the universe will bring you things you didn’t quite hope for. But you must say yes to these experiences too. Don’t stay in your comfort zone. Instead, follow your instinct. You never know where it may lead!


Rich Life:

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to be rich and happy. Just don’t feel as though you need to hold on to your wealth. There’s more than enough to go around for everyone. Sharing is a way to keep the good going around.


Rich Gratitude:

Most importantly, always remember to be thankful for what the universe has given in the past, is giving in the present, and will give in the future. Spend some time every day reflecting on how much you have in life. This keeps your thoughts focused on what matters most. It also makes you realise that life is beautiful if you just open your eyes.



I’ve been reviewing a lot of books on the so-called ‘Law of Attraction’ as part of research for a new novel. Some of the old ones are pretty good but many of the new ones seem to be jumping on The Secret’s bandwagon by relying on vague statements and ideas instead of concrete facts. (Making up equations so the whole thing seems more scientific doesn’t count!)

There are many parts in this book when Tramayne starts a point that she doesn’t go on to explain. For example: “Some matter (furniture, cars, money, etc.) is denser in its vibration and because it is, seems solid. But once this denser material is seen using high powered microscopes, we discover the truth — it’s constantly in a state of flux (moving energy) and not solid at all. That’s why it’s easy for humans at a higher vibration level (less dense) to call into our reality the matter (things) we need to survive.” Um, what does this mean?!

Her attack on meditation also makes it seem like all the time monks spend in faraway temples is a waste. According to her, the best way to control your thoughts is to tell them to shut the f**k up. Yup, that’s all it takes. She tried this and found total silence. Since then, she’s been aware of every thought that goes through her mind. Personally, this feels like just another gimmick, much like the annoying tendency for each chapter to lure you into the next even when there’s not much of a connection between them.

Overall, this isn’t a great book for anyone who’s still unsure about the law of attraction. It also doesn’t teach anything new to the people who already buy into the idea. I’m still not sure which of those two groups I fall into. Some of the new research on quantum physics (as well as the recent experiment at CERN) might mean this is all true. But some of the other assertions, like that there’s no such thing as coincidence, give me doubts.

I hope to find more answers as I continue reading and reviewing. Mostly, I’m just glad I can put this book aside and move on to something better.


What are your thoughts on the law of attraction?

Eugene Yiga is a personal development writer and consultant. He’s on a quest to read the 100 greatest books of all time before he turns 30 and shares his love for reading by publishing book reviews every week at Follow Eugene on Twitter or join the mailing list for instant updates and alerts.


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