Monthly Archives: February 2011

Five Daily Writing Exercises That Can Improve Your Blogging

Maintaining a blog full-time can be a bit stressful, and this stress can sometimes have a restricting effect on your writing. There’s the pressure to produce top content every time you write; there’s the pressure of appealing to your audience; there’s the pressure of always having an opinion or keeping up with industry news. Continue reading

Day 32: Would You Do This For 10 Minutes A Day To Retire 10 Years Early?

Do you long to be able to take off a few years while you are still young and healthy and travel, spend time on your hobbies or doing something else you love? Do you want to feel the confidence that comes when you’re not sweating the balance in your account? Continue reading

4 Tips to Change Your Life and Create a Personal Revolution

Whether you’re in Tunisia or Tucson, Libya or Los Angeles, Morocco or Manhattan, we all face the same challenges when we want to create radical change. Get mad. Protest the status quo. Demand something better. And then make it happen. Continue reading

Day 33: Why Gossiping Is Killing Your Soul

Gossip hurts people, but most of us love to hear it anyway. Tabloids make a mint writing about celebrities and people getting their hearts smashed to smithereens. Continue reading

Day 34: WOW – What An Easy Way To Feel Better And Look Younger!

Want to feel better and look younger? Change your routine! Get outside and get some exercise. Whether you walk, jog, play tennis, basketball, or golf, outdoor activities provide us with physical and mental exercises which can help us feel better and younger. Continue reading

How to Be Your Dad’s Boss in Five Years

If you want to excel in your career path to the point that you pass even your dad, who has obviously spent a few extra decades in the job field, work will be involved. It takes a whole lot of effort to move up so rapidly that you condense a few decades into a few years. Continue reading