Monthly Archives: July 2010

Design & Usability principles

8 Design & Usability Principles You Can Apply to Your Website

Those who maximize each visitor’s presence on their site are doing so by keeping usability front and center in every step of the design. Here are 8 principles to employ with diligence as you build every website. Continue reading

work from home

How to Focus When You Work from Home

More and more of us are working from home nowadays. With fast broadband and mobile phones, we’re no longer tied to an office. Employers are becoming increasingly willing to consider remote working arrangements, Continue reading

power and success

The (re)acquisition of your Personal Power

Power: What a subject.

We all desire power to varying degrees whether we call it ‘power’ or ‘control’ or something else; whether or not it’s ‘power’ over ourselves or ‘power’ over others; power to do good, power to do evil, power to create, power to destroy…and so on. Continue reading


15 Fascinating Facts About Smiling

Everyone loves the quote “laughter is the best medicine,” and as a nurse, you have probably even experienced the benefits of smiling and laughter with your patients. In fact, smiling can boost your mood and even your immune system. Keep reading for more fascinating facts about our smiles. Continue reading


Time Ticks Me Off and…You are What You Time!

Time causes problems. When you need something in a hurry, there’s an instant shortage. Tempers flair. Road Rage is born, car wrecks happen, sirens scream, dangerously challenging the bounds of time even further. Continue reading


What Eminem Knows About Being Confident That You Don’t

Love him or hate him, Eminem has all the qualities allowing you to look life in the eye and demand the best.You don’t have to use a lot of potty talk or aim a metric ton of adolescent one-liners at everyone who’s ever made you angry, but if you follow these five qualities, you, too, can have some of Eminem’s confidence. Continue reading