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being productive

How to Make a Schedule You Can Stick To

In day to day working life, though, we tend to find ourselves struggling to stick to self-imposed schedules. One or two things overrun; emails and phone calls come in; our boss dumps an urgent task on u Continue reading

weight loss

Want Motivation On Weight Loss? 5 Tips

Most advice you’ll hear about how to get motivated and keep motivated when losing weight (or for any other goal in life actually), will teach you to rely on your will power for the support you need.

You’ve heard it all, right? And did any of the advice work? Continue reading

Grade School

10 Life Lessons Learned in Grade School

Grade school was an impressionable time for everyone. It’s when we became immersed into a mini-society, learning valuable life lessons that have remained through adulthood. If you think about it, many comparisons can be made between life in grade school and life in the real world. Continue reading


How to Fan a Spark into a Fire

When people are passionate, we often say they have a “fire in the belly” or that they’re “firing on all cylinders.” Fire is full of energy and heat. It’s what we all want to feel inside—a sense of passion for what we do and what we stand for. Continue reading


Letter From The Editor: Design Changes!

Hello Everyone, I am very excited to announce that as of next week PickTheBrain will be getting a design polish. Thank you so much for all of your emails and suggestions in regards to the site – we have taken … Continue reading

The Power of Gratitude

You get what you expect. And when you take the time to end each day with an attitude of gratitude it’s automatic that you’ll start to expect more good things to happen the next day. Continue reading