Monthly Archives: August 2009

3 Roadblocks to Success

The following three roadblocks show up any time you decide to accomplish a major task; you should expect these roadblocks and overcome them. These roadblocks progress from considerations, to fears and finally obstacles. Each roadblock in this progression becomes increasingly more challenging to overcome, but if you can overcome them, you will succeed. Continue reading

Green Grass

How to Ensure the Grass is Always Greenest on Your Side of the Fence

Every generation has had it’s own big world events and challenges, and of course, that’s what’s shaped the values, personality characteristics and lifestyle choices of each generation. One of the big events of our generation has been the birth and growth of the internet – an event that’s brought both challenges and opportunities for all of us. In an increasingly interconnected world where we have access to information about people and lifestyles all over the world, we all have more opportunities than ever before. Continue reading

5 Ways to Break Your Spending Habit

Many of us have a tendency to spend money frivolously. I’m not talking about the rare folk who run up insane credit card debts on things they just can’t afford – but people like you.

Maybe you always come out of the grocery store with a few things you don’t need … and which eventually end up in the trash. Maybe you can’t resist buying new books, even though there’s a great library nearby. Maybe you end up buying things online when you’re surfing the net in the evenings. Continue reading

Which Road Should I Take?

In conclusion, whenever you’re at a cross-road, be sure to make the decision that best supports the overall mission and goal of your life. If you do, then you will be well on your way. Continue reading

The Secrets Of How To Boost Your Charisma

Charisma can help you in many aspects of life. It can help you win friends, be popular with the opposite sex, and even land that new exciting job. There is almost nothing that charisma can’t help you achieve. For some, it is very natural to be charismatic. They just seem to have that ‘X-Factor’. However it is comforting to know that charisma can also be developed. Here are 4 top methods to help boost your charisma… Continue reading

How To Increase Your Willpower

Those who know defeat are the ones that have the most willpower. After their long line of defeats they will always say, “But the day I was about to quit, I decided to try one more time…”. There will always be days when defeat rears it’s head, but that doesn’t mean you should accept it. Even when it seems as if you are making no headway, stop and think about how far you’ve come. The effort you put in beforehand has made you who you are now. Learn from your defeats, but act immediately afterwards to redeem yourself. Continue reading