3 Roadblocks to Success

My sister-in-law was visiting my wife  just a few weeks ago and she mentioned to us a project that she was considering.  She was planning on starting a new club at Louisiana State University (LSU), which is the college she is attending.  She asked us for our opinion on her new project.

After listening to her ideas concerning the project, I told her that the project sounded like an excellent idea, I also let her know that we would support her in everyway possible!  Lastly, I cautioned her of three common roadblocks to success.  I said, if you can overcome these three roadblocks, you will be well on your way.

The following three roadblocks show up any time you decide to accomplish a major task; you should expect these roadblocks and overcome them.  These roadblocks progress from considerations, to fears and finally obstacles.  Each roadblock in this progression becomes increasingly more challenging to overcome, but if you can overcome them, you will succeed.

The Three Roadblocks to Success:

Roadblock #1: Considerations


The first and smallest roadblock in our progression is considerations.  A consideration is a subtle thought telling you that you shouldn’t proceed for a variety of reasons.  Some examples of considerations are:

  • This project will take a lot of work
  • The task will require lots of money
  • No one has done this before

Considerations come to get you off track before you really begin.

Write down what your considerations are, they’re typically subconscious thoughts that will cause you to self-sabotage the achievement of your goal.  They will cause you to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.  You must first recognize these thoughts and decide that you will not be governed by them.  Once you write down what your considerations are, you can more easily see how to overcome these insidious roadblocks.

Roadblock #2: Fears

Fears are even more of a challenge to overcome than considerations.  Fears are negative deep-seeded emotions that can paralyze you from moving forward.  While a consideration comes as just a thought, fears affect you on a deeper emotional, conscious, and sub-conscious level.  Some examples include:

  • Fear that the project will fail
  • Fear that no one will support you
  • Fear that you will be mocked

Fear will rob you and stop you from achieving your goal.  Some people define FEAR as False Evidence Appearing Real.  Don’t let something that’s not real stop you from succeeding.  You must feel the fear and move forward anyway.

Roadblock #3: Obstacles


Obstacles are external situations that can hinder you from achieving your goal.  Obstacles are more than just thoughts or emotions.  Obstacles are “real-life” situations that need to be “handled,” if you’re going to succeed.  Some examples include:

  • Not enough money for the project
  • Unmet regulatory requirements
  • No more positions available

Obstacles are situations that must be discovered and overcome.  You must grow bigger than your obstacles.

This is the most challenging  roadblock, so let’s discuss this one in a little more detail:

Obstacles are necessary, and the process of growing bigger than your obstacles prepare you for success.  Think of overcoming obstacles like getting a college degree.  Each semester is an obstacle, when you pass all eight semesters you get your diploma.  The diploma doesn’t define you; it’s what you went through to get the diploma that makes you who you are.  As an example, if you “give” someone a college degree, it doesn’t make them any smarter than they were before.  It’s the studying and late nights and group projects and dedication that give meaning to the degree.  This is what obstacles do for you, they are beneficial and they are qualifiers.  If you are willing to tackle the obstacles and overcome them, then you qualify for success.

…so there you have it…if you want to succeed, you must first:

1.  Write down your considerations, fears and obstacles; once you get these skeletons out of their closet, you’ll discover they’re not that intimidating

2.  Finally you must tackle each of these skeletons one-by-one

I told my sister-in-law, if you can overcome these three roadblocks, you will succeed!

Any thoughts?


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