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5 Reasons to Go Through Life Lazy, Drunken, and Stupid

I started this blog 16 months, hoping to develop my writing skills, connect with smart people around the world, and create a new income stream. By those standards it’s been a success. But more importantly, I’ve learned a lot. Namely, … Continue reading

Abusive Boss and Irritating Co-Workers

6 Ways to Cope with an Abusive Boss and Irritating Co-Workers

Difficult people are a fact of life. At home you can avoid them by surrounding yourself with agreeable people, but in the work place most of us don’t have that luxury. While your natural tendency may be to avoid them … Continue reading

Occasional Abundance

The Beauty of Occasional Abundance

Depending upon our life experiences, each one of us has a different definition of abundance, much of which is learned during childhood. We are taught at an early age to either want for nothing or yearn for more. We learn … Continue reading


The Sensitive Person’s Guide to Handling Criticism

Has this ever happened to you? You’re happily going about your day when, out of nowhere, someone criticizes something you say or do. Suddenly you lose focus and can’t stop thinking about what they said or wrote. You know you … Continue reading

Comment Competition Winner from Last Week

In last weeks article The End of Wealth, we offered a small prize of a $20 Amazon gift certificate to one person who left a comment.

The winner we have chosen is Bruce from Brucisms. He said:
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Simple Life

Living With Less: 8 Reasons to Embrace the Simple Life

Being able to acquire bigger and better things in life is not making us any happier. In fact, you may be surprised to hear that our happiness levels peaked in 1957. According to David Wann, co-author of Affluenza: The All … Continue reading