Monthly Archives: December 2007

Self Actualization

Why Self Actualization Requires Exercise

He created a simple hierarchy that categorizes the needs of every human being. The hierarchy indicates that the highest level of achievement is self-actualization. But it also reminds us of the necessity of maintaining our most vital physical needs.
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Triple Your Productivity

Triple Your Productivity Tomorrow

Is work slowly suffocating you? To-do lists, projects and random chores all piling up until they surround you? When this happens, your best strategy is to get ahead. Get on top of all your work and go beyond completing today’s tasks, complete more than you need to so you can have room to breathe. Continue reading

Young Brain

Keeping Your Brain Young

Alzheimer’s and Dementia are two of the cruelest diseases known and the ones that frighten me the most. I can’t imagine what it’s like to slowly slip into a fog and not remember where you are, who you are or … Continue reading


5 Signs That You Have Settled

Have you settled for second best (or worse) in life? This can be a difficult question to answer, as no one really wants to think that they have settled. I am a big believer, though, that being truthful with yourself opens the door to change. Continue reading

Reduce waistline and debt

Tips to Trim Your Waistline and Your Debt

Growing obesity and higher levels of personal debt are 2 different modern phenomenon. There is no obvious connection between the two, but both problems share many similarities. These ideas suggest that the solution to many of our problems share certain … Continue reading


The Cheapskate’s Guide to Educating Yourself

Tuition costs are rising. Textbooks might as well be printed on gold. You’re contemplating selling a kidney on the black market to pay off your student-debt. Does learning have to cost that much?
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