Monthly Archives: November 2007

internet education

How the Internet is Changing Education

If a truly universal “University” can be created on the web, this will provide peer inspired motivation. Perhaps we will achieve the vision of world-wide, interlocking, learning “convivia “, communities of learning communities. Continue reading

Renaissance Spirit

How to Embrace the Renaissance Spirit

The Renaissance was a defining period in history — a time when artistic, social, scientific, and political thought all turned in new directions. The Renaissance (which is French for “Rebirth”) began in Florence, Italy in the late 13th century and … Continue reading

managing time

The Only Time Management Tip You Really Need

Time management comes down to one essential concept. If you can master this one time management tip, then all the others become trivial. Continue reading

How Much is Your Life Worth?

Don’t risk your life the way I did. Know that it’s not possible to put a price on the human experience — it’s simply too valuable. When you find yourself facing a choice that could endanger your life, remember to ask yourself: How much is your life worth? Continue reading

7 Rules for a Life Worth Living

Leading your life isn’t easy. It means freeing yourself from many different assumptions. Here are nine rules that can help you start building a life worth living. Continue reading

How to Resist Unwanted Influences

Don’t you hate being pressured into doing things you don’t want to do? Savvy influencers like pushy sales people, aggressive colleagues, and annoying neighbors have a knack for pressing the buttons that make it difficult to say no. To help … Continue reading